Signs Of Jonah

Most everybody wants a great big god to show up and show out. Swoop down from the sky with banners in the cloud saying, god matters too. Governments making changes in the best interest of their national securities. People fighting for change in the interests of a survivalists. What does God do? He waits for the fullness of time and the angels rejoice wherever a single soul enters the kingdom of heaven. Shouting for joy unspeakable and full of glory. Singing for Peace on Earth and good will to men. Recognizing the missing links in the kingdom of God.

The sign of Jonah popping up world wide. Little banners of protest commemorating the sign of Jonah. Setting the stage in the fullness of our time. The people of God will show up and show out like the prophets of Jonah.

At first for personal and political reason we try to humanize God by leaning to our own understandings. Thinking ourselves to be more righteous than God. Then from a journey through Hell we run for a safe place in the Word of God. Where wisdom is preserved like canned goods in a famine.

Traveling three and four generations of blessings and cursing. Prodigals came to our senses preaching repentance in the kingdoms God. Saying, make us as your hired servants. The celebration begins. The wise and the foolish awakened from theology differences to find that knowledge was not all powerful. That wisdom is recognized in Heaven and in the Earth. Let bygones be bygones in the kingdom within. The angelic trumpet alarm the sleeping dogs shaking for a hunt. Lighting lamps preserved the sign of Jonah of our time.



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