It’s advantageous proving our unbelief that God is real. Lord I believe so help my unbelief that God is more real than we know. Being so adamant about believing.

There are many ways in which we don’t believe. Many ways for lack of knowledge we perish. Like fruits of a tree that falls to the ground.

Jesus died for our many ways of unbelief. Although He Himself never perished but rose from the Earth, His body the first of many believing.

This is good reading John 3:16 concerning the power of God unto salvation. So the story began beyond the concept of time. With no definition of belief that all things are possible to them that believe. That every believer is a version of the same reality. A wheel within a wheel spinning in time to someone greater than we ever will be.

Can the pot say to the potter I have no need of thee. Entering a sabbatical rest not everyone can believe. Working night and day in every way to earn our keep before we sleep.



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