Two To Tango & One to Twerk

Twerking is a language with a history longer than dancing itself. It transcends religion and I don’t need to research the facts on that concept. Every new born baby twerks with a good laugh before they learn to say ‘Dada’. With fate and good faith we eventually learn to Tango. Tango became a beautifully Spanish identity as mysterious as human life. Then God said, let them dance after our likeness.

One disciple is good for a thousands and two ten thousands. By the strength of agreement the word of God is an accomplishment when heaven meets earth an agrees is established.

Lightning grounded and energy is released so too a man in agreement with God who’s light shines in the darkest places. kindling life’s earthy and sensual things are put in order. The good we do comes from the churches and the gates of hell prevail not.

No man is an island contrary to popular trend to isolate and conquer. Empty barrels makes the most noise hearing the evil of our time echoing. What have you to do with us Jesus? Son of the living God. Have you come to torment us before our time?

Christ overcomes the world by the power of agreement in Jesus name. Cultured among the good and evil the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few and far between.

We eat off the knowledge of good and evil. Dressed in the shedding of blood salvation asks, who have no sin let him cast the first stones. His stripes are as the Physician heals Himself. Dancing with quickening steps a holy dance between Heaven and Earth.

How fitting seeing in the order of human life that the animal was made a little lower than the man, man lower than the angels and Jesus is a name above all name. Healing the blind moistened eyes with the waters of His mouth. To see men looking like trees is salvation correction made for the blinded eyes.

Salvation adopts the cruelty of the cross where Jesus hanged shedding His blood. In the fearsomeness of God life thimbles like fallen angels dancing beneath the stars.

The first line of defense is a proactive prayer. Advancing into familiar territories singing Amazing Grace. The matured and the seasoned is never without Christ. Twerking in fear to isolate and manipulate the trappings of this life. Selling blessings for a price in place of God. It takes two to do the tango in agreement to the rhythms of life. It takes one to twerk to the amusement of this world.


Drawing on plates lol

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