Sea Of Forgetfulness

The most impossible commandment is that of willful forgiveness of sin. The natural occurrence is that the abused becomes the abuser. Justified by the pain and the hurt. Blinded eyes stumbles out side the vail to the glory of God.

Should I forgive or should I forget. Recommended but not all at once. Have to work it out cause it hurts so bad. No pain no gain for that life who remains the same.

With forgiveness sins are cast into the Sea Of Forgetfulness and is remembertthem no more. How vast is that sea of sin. Everyone born of a woman is forgotten. Forgiveness is the only hope in God.

The sins forgiven are born again believers. New creatures whose life is hidden in that of the sinless Jesus Christ. God see no one on earth after He lost sight of Adam and Eve. For redemption Jesus own body paid the price for world agains God. We are bought and paid for at a price. He Himself committed no sin to be a worthy sacrifice. No pain no gain. His virgin birth is proof to Heaven and Earth that the life is in Him.

The shed blood of Jesus represents that sea of forgetfulness. Thus it is said we are washed by His blood being the acceptable sacrifice of obedience. For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son born of a virgin woman to die for the sins of the world. That whosoever believes not on but in Him will have His everlasting life.

There is no sea in heaven nor sun or the moon. Jesus is the light of it. An illuminating light that is God to which the heavens declares the glory of. Visible to our natural eyes outside the vail. Experienced by spiritual eyes from within. As Jesus Himself prayed let us also pray also. Father restore the glory that is with you before the world was. By the forgetfulness of sins washed in the blood of Jesus.



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