The Wise And Foolish Man

A Godly conversation will always be confounding to the wise in their own eyes. The wisdom of the ancestors is foolishness to the children until they loose their toys. Then we all laugh and cry the same way.

The famous says dumb things and is lifted up in their time. Until they are discredited as the wisdom of their own time. Wise in their own eyes.

For example the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus concerning the born again. It makes no sense to a natural woman and absolutely non to a natural man. But to the born again believer in Jesus Christ it is the beginning of a new life that is out of this world. Where the flesh warring against the spirit is a constant revolution between heaven and earth….

God made man from the dust of the ground. Then because the man was lonely He grafted a woman from his rib. One slight deviation from the original plan created so much information that if it was written in its entirety that library would be bigger than this world. Yet it is just a drop of water in the Spirit of God. A closed mind will not go very far and an open mind wonders in the darkness. The mind of Christ is a safe haven for the lost and found.



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