Systemic Indifference

There are more things wrong than right. Thus the need of a savior. Is it just me or what? Seems like many of my digital correspondence have the # 666 included. I’m just saying. The future seems bleak for what we seek. Naked and afraid in the presence of God. It’s a delicate balance in the heat of the day. If there be any good things think on them. Good thing cover’s the thought of all the bad things in this life. Like and antidote to heavens remote jester’s a good deed A pleasant smile that says I see you where you are. The long arm of systemic indifference against God. Some more so than others.

The thought of belonging to is a good way to deflate the shuttle influences of systemic racism. Knowing where we are from and where we want to go. The struggle is real. To each their own. Naked we come go from the presence of God. Everyone must account for their own soul. Godliness is an affront to the tentacles of systemic racial indifference.

It’s better to lower the expectancy of racial equality than to force the standards of our own judgement on others. Only the teachings of Christ Jesus can overcome our prejudices.

Systemic indifference is a virus that morph blanketing one nation to the other so virtuous. Brothers against brother Squeezed and pops randomly like pockets of air from their confinement. So much lost so much gain in so little time. Adam and Eve remains the same. The best we do is to speak to our indifference the law of love. For by the grace of God we overcome the iniquities of systemic indifference .

Our hearts have and will always be evil to the works of God. But for grace God sent His only begotten the redeemer paid ransom of His own blood. Who having no sin became sin in the linage of His Mother. Purifies is believers in the presence of God. We are bought with a price the hard truth of loving God and likewise our neighbor as ourself.

The blood of Jesus is no cure for systemic racial indifference. There is no promise of herd immunity. For to believe in God is a systemic separation from our natural world once rooted in the pride of this life. Where we all wear shoes on holy ground.

Love covers a multitude of sins. Mask in repentance for the love of God. Systemic racial indifference is our own worst enemy in the presence of God. For religion we are masters of segregation in the order of systemic indifference. The last strong hold of iniquity’s grip is this systemic governance of evil.

Squished in the hand of God. Like a bubble exploding in the presence of pure righteousness. For those who believe an eye for an eye, will be judged accordingly and those who accepts God’s grace will find grace for their indifference in the teachings of Jesus Christ.



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