Jesus Christ!!

Have you ever been so frustrated that the only response is to shout, Jesus Christ to the vanity of whatever ails.

Base on history there have been many types of messiah of as many religions. Moses was famous many are infamous but there is only one Christ messiah son of the living God. The bedrock of His church according to the Apostle Peter and the testimony of so many a clouds of witnesses. Anyone who searches their own heart knows that name goes without saying. The conformation of His Holy Spirit is relentless in our hearts.

He was an earthling whose whose name is above every name. Both in Heaven and on Earth. His kingdom is and was not of this world. Even now He is at the right hand of God’s work. He said with His own mouth, ‘I go to prepare a place for you… so that we earthlings who are not of this world but of His kingdom will be where He is too.

Sometimes the evidence is in the burning of hearts who refused the testimony of His name.

The beauty of His holiness is seeing God. Knowing that He shun the very appearance of evil and hates a proud look that is not of His kingdom. That there is no evil in living by faith. That the mission of His kingdom finds relevance in the songs of His ‘Amazing Grace’ Jees!! that was good.



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