Gates Of Hell

Excited by the simplicity of its design, God gifted Himself a people. The the body of Christ. His pride and joy, the apple of His eyes. Then came the falling away. Otherwise christians refusing to walk in spirit so as not to fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Darkness was upon face of the deep as the spirit of God moved on the face of the waters. The perception of ghostly figure walking on a lake. Was Peter’s curiosity of Jesus the Messiah. Lord be it you call me to come upon the the face of waters. Jesus replied come. A simple act of faith worked well until the fisher of man saw the raging wind. This curious and reluctant disciple had his first lesson in ‘Keep it simple stupid.’ That’s not what Jesus said to Peter but that’s what I would have said in a sarcastic self righteous way. ‘O ye of little faith.

This generation seeks for signs of life but non given except for Jonah three days in the belly of Hell. The urgency of stretching hands to take of the tree of Life. It’s an age old quest, the pot said to the potter I have no need of you. By their own artificial intelligence and clever inventions the Gates of Hell swings wide open


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