A Believers Life

3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. 4 (A)For the weapons (B)of our warfare are not [a]carnal but (C)mighty in God (D)for pulling down strongholds, 5 (E)casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,

Taking a survey of your very own life to know where we are in the war for our living souls. Because in the next life we will be as we were in this one.

Know the geographical and spiritual make up of your own personal state of war in this world. Fighting for survival from birth to grave. To live is to die in Christ.

Every sovereign nation or kingdom has a standard, personality and principality that has to be infiltrated for the works of salvation. Taking courage knowing that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. For that we are sent into all the world preaching the gospel of Jesus proactively.

The outer court, inner court and the most holy of Holy is a model for the testimony of our own life. From the day we heard the good news, we entered the kingdom and was baptized of the Holy Spirit.

The most skilled warriors will return to the front lines of the outer courts as Jesus did. Leaving the 90&9 to find that which was lost as we were. He left us His personal testimony of spiritual warfare. This entire planet is lost and so are we, our families and friends. But whoever believe in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. No need to wait for a pie in the sky so to speak. By the integrity of God’s love and faithfulness we will be rewarded in the kingdoms of God where much forgiven loves much. Knowing more requires more and the most invested will gain that which wasn’t. One will overcome a thousand and two together ten thousands.

In this spiritual warfare demons fight for human inhabitant to exist without God’s influence. Satan’s rebellion lost his place in heaven and has set his sight on us humans. So naturally we humans war among ourselves by the influence of fallen angels. This is unacceptable to God although He found no qualified human worthy of everlasting life. Many are the righteous who have falling short of the glory of God. We were not created for this spiritual warfare so God sent His Son Jesus as a human sacrifice. Ransomed for our sins He left His own sovereign kingdom to die a natural death in our stead and is gone to prepare us a place. Not here but there where Jesus is. This warfare is not carnal as we are called to die daily for the cause of Christ at the cost of His obedience unto death.

Believers are converts of His body from the holy of the holiest.

Organized in groups to feed the hungry and thirsty gathered to hear His words. Doing things unimaginable greater than before Christ established His church.

There are so many to choose from that best fits our interest and measure of faith. The spirits and principalities of our warfare is like boot camp in the Arm Services. Fighting the good fight of faith in all the world.

Every individual believer is prepared to enter into the most holy of holy where the the Holy Spirit empowers us to fight a supernatural and spiritual warfare.

Oooh, that’s scary.

Yes it is and also invigorating, exciting and out of this world. Like a day in Disney World. The excitement and the expectancy of a child waiting in line for hours for a ten minute thrill.

There are so many unanswered questions to having faith in Jesus Christ. The seasoned believer on the front lines doing unto others as was done unto us. Reflecting the light of the Lord in unique ways.

Such is the life of believers fighting as one body of Christ.

Standing our ground without necessarily leaving the neighborhood, our homes, our job or churches.

That doesn’t seem very exciting but it will be as we began to hear and understand the Word of God for our own lives. We fight the good fight of faith working out of our own salvation with fear and trembling in the presence of God and His holy angels.

Where living well in obedience to God is the thrill of our lives.


Confidence to Believe

If I entertain all the negative thoughts in my head it will be hell to pay. If there be any good thing think about that because when sin is conceive it produces death.

We may never accomplish all the good we aspire to do. Yet still heaven credits our names in the Lamb’s book of life with an ‘E’ for eternal life. Visions are seldom understood before its season of time. Such as in the fullness of time Christ died and not before. It is seasonal to plant and then the harvest. Some will plant and another will reap of the same field. There is a season for everything. A time to plant and a time to reap.

It’s not that a Christian does or don’t in serving God but it is of a sincere conscience toward God that we are justified in Christ. So take a load off. Thank God for the good things and keep striving. Whatever period of time it is Jesus died for you in it. No one is excluded from the curse of the cross so let Him take the wheel. Relax, breathe in and believe. All things are possible with the confidence to believe in God.


The Serenading Of Kings.

The more things change the more they are the same. Let’s take a ride in a day and time of the sons of God by a layman’s understanding of the gods

T’was a voided space in the process of time. The expectancy of a kingdom for kings and for the Lord of lords. Time lingered between David the shepherd boy and the peoples choice of king Saul. Saul was handsome, sexy and a warriors king. David was a boy with purpose.

Insinuating the kingdoms of the world the people of God cried, here we have a king! Let us fulfill the promise for sons of Abraham? Excuse me, whispered the Word in the hush of the wind as it blows to corners of the earth. When was it ever made a promise to the children of Abraham?A promise made is a promise kept to Abram now called Abraham. For you I’ve incorporated a land flowing with milk and honey by prophetic proclamations. The kingship belongs to the Son of David, Son of Man Son of God in the order of Melchizedek. King of peace.

“Thus God, determining to show more abundantly to the heirs of promise the immutability of His counsel, confirmed it by an oath,”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭6:17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

David played skillfully in the Spirit of God. Psalms hymns and spiritual songs. A perfect rendition of an artistic expression, the shepherd protects His sheep. The most melodic music to sooth the troubled mind. King Saul was comforted.

The vibration of a string instrument echoing through the stages of time. The one hit wonder caught the attention of the the Devil who then at lightning speed tracked it to the land of the land of Israel. Flashing in from his relentless travels throughout the earth, he considered the kingship of Israel and Judah as Job was also considered in the presence of God.

I heard it said, the best is yet to come and a curse is not without cause. The knowledge of good and evil is the nesting of shame and pride where devils resides. The most dangerous man is one closest to God with and evil heart. A man’s foe is of his own household though He be the anointed One, King of Kings and Lords of lords. We must be vigilant and courageous as David the Shepherd boy.

Ground zero at the battle of Armageddon the King of Kings and the Lord or Lords steadied His feet. In desperation the Devils positioned themselves to encircle the heirs of promise. In a moment of time the staged is set for a theatrical stance for war as King Saul reached for his spear. In flowing motion of time David reacted to the striking force of a Lion’s paw. The giant slayer pranced to his feet as the tip of Saul’s spear parted the air, missed by a hair. Today we live to fight another day.

Where there was peace the trait of anger and rejection possessed the soul of Saul. Slighted by the chanting of women singing ‘Saul one thousand and David ten thousands.’ The evil entered him and with vigor Saul cast his weapon to prevent the linage of a coming King. Better known as Jesus because He will save His people from the finality of the last death.

King Saul found solace in the anointed songs of David but was intercepted as the Devil entered in by way of pride and jealousy. Saul a man highly esteemed by the standards of the world was replaced by a sheep herders young son in the linage of the King of Kings and Lord of lords. The lion of the tribe of Judah.

Skillful as David played his harp was his ability to dodge the flying spear. Time slowed to a crawl as Saul breathe his last breath to die at the hand of a Hollywood movie star. At the Oscar Awards acceptance speech I heard them say, almost though persuades me to be a Christian. The rest is history as prophesied in the Word of God for all times and a time to come.


Cheese Cake Solutions

My wife makes the best Cheese Cake. I don’t understand how she makes it sooo good. In all my eating I should get the understanding of how she makes it so tasty.

The gospel of Jesus is the power of God unto salvation. When compared to my wife’s Cheese Cake, there is a lot that goes into the final taste. Taste and see that the Lord is good and in all your getting, get understanding. Knowledge wisdom and understanding. Knowledge by wisdom created the worlds. Can you feel me is the principal thing.

Who cares about understanding anyway, when the taste is sooo good. But we should because everything else is forever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. It is the sacrifices we make that increases the value of our life. My wife only makes her Cheese Cake once per year. It’s my cholesterol level for Christ sake! Lately is more like every two years. Too much of anything is good for nothing so find what’s moderate for you and enjoy the taste. Who doesn’t like a good Cheese Cake.


My Goodness

Is God impress by our latest inventions? The spectacle on my face to the spectacle in the sky. Tilling and irrigating the land for thousands of dollars or coloring our hair with nails to match the fantasies of our flesh? It was in the cool of the day God came to know the identifying names Adam gave the animals. T’was his first act of intelligence in the kingdom of God. Adam! Adam! Where are you? Echoes the voice of God from across the great divide. Stands to reason that God never did get the report He expected. Something dreadfully wrong has wedged itself between the pleasure of God for the pleasures of Man. The necessity of law became apparent in the battle of good and evil.

1000 years as 0001 & 0001 years as 1000 records the illusions of time where the evil and the good remains constant.

Progressive development is a godly thing when in harmony with God. ‘Twas the law of the jungle versus the pride of this life that God encountered in the Gardens of our souls. Can anything or anyone be more godly or ungodly than that? Godliness was our nature with all things pure until we became a conscious consumer to the knowledge of Good and evil. Spiritual death became the norm, reproducing after its own kind.

Nature’s independence from God is irreparable as the Earth no longer yields its increase for mankind. Because of Adam’s disobedience we are repositioned as parasites that devoured the Earth. From dust we are and to dust we shall return. That was not the original plan of God for our lives. So don’t blame God. The responsibility is ours to obey.

The Garden was our temple till sin made us an example.

“I assure you: Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains by itself. But if it dies, it produces a large crop.” Organic and sustainable gods in the Earth.

Salvaging our loss with clever inventions is like pouring water on a grease fire. Creating and amending laws without conscience toward our Creator or the individual right to a personal relationship with Him.

Dulling the capabilities of a wonderfully designed brain. God reduced our years to one hundred and twenty of eternity. By intent we invent to bridge the gap between what was, what is and what is to be. Forming traditions to protect our identity makes the word of God of of no effect. Suffocating gasping we struggle to survive the times. This ignorance is a wisdom from below. No one will say I didn’t know.

To blame the creator for the irresponsibility of the creature is like blaming the man for the sins of angels. By wisdom God did not intervene on their behalf as He does on our behalf. The angels fought among themselves and the evil was aborted to Earth. Lickety-split, like lightning in a rain storm Jesus said, I saw Satan’s fall from heaven. A repeating episode to everyone born of a woman. What’s happening to us is a means to an end. The knowledge of good and evil battling for our thoughts. The battle is won, my soul is saved. Still I fight for my place in the promise land.

It is a godly thing that the problematic man can be restored by the righteousness of an evil cross that leads to repentance. The law of faithfulness produced friendship. Friendships produced mercies of God who refused to destroy the righteous with the unrighteous. There are those who will close the window of heaven for the window of the latest intel.

Like innocent victims in a cross fire, God sent us messiah to save us from pure Hell. Jesus was His earthen name. When the entire world is defined by its hostile intent of ungodliness, the fallen angels will emerge to occupy our space and time. Then the God who became a man will intervene to establish a new world order without spot or wrinkle of evil intelligence.

The times and the seasons are in His power counteracting things imagine by a few. Bound only by the limits of our artificial intelligence. Fueling fires capable of casting mountains into the sea without the necessity of faith in God. How easily we forget that the Almighty God is a law unto Himself.

Imagine a created being hell bent on robbing God of His glory. Impressed by the desire to have sovereign worship of all mankind. The parasite has evolved to become the man of sin.

Evolving and adopting to the environment we are made vulnerable to the whims of intellect. The instinct to survive changes the glory of God to the glory of Man. Abusing the planet without remorse of its true value we establish laws like foreigners in the presence God. His ways are higher by far to conceive a plan for the restoration of Man. To quarantine the knowledge of good and evil navigated by the righteousness of Jesus Christ. He will not lower the standard to do battle with human inventions of the ungodly. But He will go to Hell and back to set the captives free.

The Wife

He or Him who finds a wife finds a good thing virtuously taking care of the household of God. Obtaining the promise of God like Sarah’s referencing faithful Abraham as my lord. The age of the woman is enticing to the man as was Jacob’s infatuation for Laban’s daughter. Leah’s lovely eyes to envision the seed of the patriarchs seven years before Rachael’s hand in marriage for the pleasures of this life, God has a plan.

The bridegroom of God doesn’t need the trickery of Laban’s fourteen years of hard labor. The bride is worth the wait come hell or high water. The Lord God serenading through the windows of heaven, showers of blessing as she adorned herself ready for The marriage supper of the Lamb.

The Virgin Mary espoused to Joseph delivered to us the salvation of God. Reading between the lines I hear the beckoning of the Holy Spirit saying, come up higher beyond the memories of your distant pass. Time waits for no one like heaven waits for the Bride of Christ.

What is the purpose of mankind made in the image of God? If not to marry. Many Christians would answered, to glorify God by singing and shouting His name. That’s good but there must be more to it than that. Thinking that we know we don’t, not like we should. My personal answer is that The Son of God is conforming to Himself a bride made ready by the power of His Word and to likeness of His Father. Like a damsel waiting for the next dance I enquired, Lord am I the marring kind?

The sanctified is justified of an answer the equivalent of the Good Samaritan’s courtship of the Samaritan Well. Jesus remarked to the Samaritan woman’s advance, ‘if you knew who I am standing here you would have asked of me living water and never thirst again. Now isn’t that something. The pleasures of this life cannot be compared to the glory that is to come by the way of the cross. The sons of man is a thirst for the waters of life.

Then and there is no memory of the sacrifices of this life. The Son of God the Son of Man together as One in the episodes of a single human life. As it was a fictional episode of a time that was and never shall be again. Together at last having our cake and to eat it too. Coddled by a Consuming Fire far removed from the fires of Hell.

Many will declare this to be the digital age of information. I would say that this is the age of the woman which amounts to be about the same thing as technology blurred the significance of a man and a woman. The whore of Babylon and the seed of the woman of negotiations for time spent in the household of God. Referencing as it was Leah bribing Rachael for time spent with Jacob father of the patriarchs, son of Abraham who was the father of Faith to believe in God through Jesus Christ. Rachael was justified of God by marriage. Figure that aye? Finding a wife is truly a good thing.

Nevertheless nobody attends to the ministry of the Lord like a single man or a single woman can and without the trappings of this life. To please his wife is the desire of a good husband to find a good wife. Amen to that. Gairey