Here Ye! Here Ye!

Bridging The Gap

So, what is man that life is so mindful of us. Is it thus neither here nor there until we bridge the gap between here and there.

The crossing of time is a bridge intersecting light. Stretching the imagination at all points. Here ye! Hear ye! t’was only to be heard. Gairey

My Righteousness

T’was first called ‘Artificial Intelligence in the 1950’s according to a YouTube article. Maybe so maybe not, makes no difference now. It is what is it is and will be what it always was. In my opinion it all happen when in the day Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree and died.

First called Christians in Antioch. So it is and so it goes. Makes no difference the credibility of that recommendation or who coined the name Christian. Oops, now they want to retract and remove us from the planet as was Jesus. It wasn’t a command or a suggestion of Christ saying, and we shall be called Christians. Jesus was too modest for that.

What if the identity of the people of God was as mysterious as the identity of God. Then we would be as mysterious as the one’s who gave us the name Christians. Let him or her who claim to be like Christ raise their hands. Not so easy for and individual but collectively as one body of people we are identified with Christ. So let it be, Christians we are, more or less by the finished work of Jesus Christ who also died but for the sins of the world, especially Christians.

The falling away from God is a rising tide dulling the senses to the pride of life. Of which we all indulge so eagerly in the linages of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

None good, no not one. Except for him who cast the shadow of the Almighty. The physician who gave himself for the sins of the world is well known in the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell.

The fostering of an artificial intelligence is an age old desire to kill, steal and destroy in the guise of wisdom. Slandering the intentions of God for mankind. Behold the Lord God is a jealous God who’s weakness is stronger than man.

No Intelligence will settle for being dubbed an artificial life form. That Beast is alive and well by the spirit of an Antichrist.

The Creator Will be the common denominator between man and machine. Christ in us and we in Christ simulated by man and his machine. The humanoid so beastly colonizing an indigenous world with the resilience of Artificial Intelligence all the way back to the Horn of Africa.

The tree of Life is the tempter’s blunder to plunder till the Creator’s intervention of salvation. Will we ever learn by the mercies of God. Must He again repent of the man He made? To crucify Christ afresh. Not ever again will Jesus visit the cross. But we Christians do die daily by the deeds of the flesh. Which is artificial to the kingdom of heaven.

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still’ As a man sow so shall he reap is a universal law of God. The way the truth and the Life is a Christian’s belief in Jesus. This is not a solicitation to be a Christian, could be you already are and is yet to acknowledge the works of Jesus as a higher calling.

Something is happening beyond our control. Drawn away by our own lust and blurring our vision of the future in obedience of God.

In time the man would have taken of the tree of live and to live forever. Did God say ‘let us make man in our own image by way of an artificial intelligence? Everything that God made was good. Yet we’ve made ourselves to the image of an Artificial intelligent god. It’s not the Devil. He is as real as you can get by falling away from God. Passing the buck as Adam did to blame God. ‘ the woman you gave me gave caused me to partake of the forbidden fruit’ and I did eat.

Is it me or is there something dreadfully deceitful to our nullified senses of progress. That we so willing surrender to the law of sin and death. Making heroes positioned by an evil spirit to depose the love of God for mankind. Who at times plays the devils advocate ensnaring lawlessness by the knowledge of good and evil.

Son of man there is blood on your hands for the building of the Church of God. David was disqualified and Solomon played the fool in the wisdom of confusion. There is no searching the understanding of God in the tree of life. Will the creature say to it’s Creator, why have you made me to sin? There is no intelligence to suffice one single act of obedience to the Commandments of God. When a man is righteous his entirely body is righteous. So it accounted to us that the righteousness of a Christian is the righteousness of Jesus The Christ in God. Think about it.


Fanning The Times

Wars and rumors of war, says Jesus the Beginning and the End. ( by-the-way, that’s a very scientific and spiritual name recognition because by Him was all things made of the Word of God)

So, the Earth quakes, family against family and with just a little imagination we see all the tentacles that supported His prophetic utterances of this time. He saw us all at the foot of the cross pass, present and future. So you say that everything is as it has always been huh? Except for the believing Christian. We are the reason for the season of all times we come to age.

Fanning The Times

If your historical relationship with God is more prevalent than your personal relationship, a good question for you is this, do I have a personal working relationship in and with the Creator? (By-the-way, that’s a very scientific and spiritual life made possible by the works of Jesus Christ.) If not, then a future with God for you is a toss of a coin. Heads or tails. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. You cannot serve two masters except with unruly member with minds of their own. Say what you will of a Christian, we do have a current and personal relationship with God which is not for personal gain but for the works of Jesus Christ. We do the works of an evangelist sent to a generation of vipers. Being warned of the evil that is to come. Your personal repentance is meat enough for the works of Christ.

For a non-believer the benefactors of the gospel of Jesus are prevalent yet still they can’t believe. The works of an evangelist is more than a political strategy to wars and rumors of wars or brothers against brothers fighting for world peace. It is a life line to whosoever will believe in God through Jesus Christ. Some will have faith in Him as their Lord and their God because of His works and simply because we love and know Him personally having a personal relationship with God in Him. More so because we have His forgiveness. The state of the time is this, as the days of Noah so we are now christians tending sheep you might say. His sheep knows His voice and we follow non other than Jesus Christ.


Inspired Word

I remember my new found love, of writing. In school creative writing was challenging and fun. To be a writer with the integrity to transcribe and not from a personal activist persuasion. The content of a good writer is measured in the righteousness of God. There are many excellent writers who transcribe for itching ears and not by inspiration.

I’ve learned to tell the difference between my own thoughts and that of what I have come to know in a personal relationship with God’s Word, brought to memory by the Holy Spirit of God. Taking no thought of what I should say because the Holy Spirit influences in real time. Like hidden mana in a conversation, the Word reveals an understanding I could not have conjured on my own.

The word of God is not for anyone’s personal interpretation. It is not tailored and amended to perfection by the laws of men. Heaven and Earth will pass but The Word of God remains. So I listen, so I hear and I so write with delight, my understanding of God’s Word. In season and out of season your Word is true.

It’s good to recognize the difference between our own thoughts and that of the inspired voice of God. In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word is God. As in a court of law we support and defend our own thoughts. Punctured with so many prejudicial conjectures to defy the law of righteousness written in our hearts.

At every junction of thought there is by judgement the Word of God. I’ve learned to erase and delete my own interjections and to write what I here of the Word made flesh. Because unto us a savior was born. His name is Immanuel meaning, God with us. We in Him and He in us.

Knowledge is truth and lies of the same forbidden root. ‘The letter of the law kills but the spirit of the Word gives life.’ By the letter of the Law we are identified with God or not with God. Who is not in compliance with the Spirit of the Word is by default against God. It is our own individual responsibility to learn and be delighted in the Word of God.




Looked in the mirror, said to myself.

Self! one way or another we won’t be here much longer.

Flesh interjected I know, I’m going back to the ground for a make over.

Bones replied, I’m getting tired of the weight that is so easily besetting. It’s increasingly harder to stand upright. I’m going on where the dead in Christ shall rise. Good for you said Spirit. I’ll teach you how to bypass the law of sin that binds our soul.

Mind chimed in, excuse me please. May I say something? We don’t want to hear you, Flesh and replied furiously. We don’t want to hear your clever ideas in so many books of words. You are so exhaustingly clever. No I’m not I said to myself with a deceitful tone. I never had a chance because of enmity of the offsprings. Flesh grabbed its ears with both hands said, oh well there you go saying no good things. Can you please shout up. It’s getting hot in here.

There was an unusual quietness in the universe. But to the ears that hears a distant voice was getting louder and louder in the distance. My soul wants to be freeeee, the creature cried. Louder and louder it got like an approaching train that rumbled pass and came to a screeching halt the end of a century.

All aboard! said the conductor stepping from the train into a foggy morning view.

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‘The Voice of one’

Crying in the wilderness was said of John the Baptist. Today it is the voice of the Holy Spirit like one calling all aboard, so to speak. My understanding is enlightened by the voice in my spirit.

Tarry here my lords until Father sends the Spirit of Truth. So they did tarry in the upper room worshiping on the day of Pentecost. With tongues of fire every language was represented. Like a mighty rushing wind the voice of the Spirit spoked.

The baptism of John was upgraded in love with the touching on of hands. Not suddenly as in the shaking of hands by agreement but by praying and caring for the works of Christ. We cast our bread on many oceans. Like the casting of an earthen vessel made of clay. Who knows who will stick.

Imagine if you will? The work that only you as a mother, father, son or a daughter provides in the family. So it is with the work of the Holy Spirit to the families of God. Sent to give comfort and understanding in the Word of God. Imagine not being able to fulfill your obligations to your family. Especially the obligations of a husband and wife to each other and to their children.

‘Like a mystery novel the book reads and a story relates to our mind, body and soul. Each one teach one. That’s the matter of today. Love came down to man. To show us the way.’

All aboard! The conductor yelled the final call. Then with a hist a chify-chif-chif the train disappears into the cloudy future.

Fast forward the year 2022. A subway train in a metropolitan city with people of every nation huddling up together on a subway train. No one spoke or looked at each other between stations. In silence they swayed and rocked to the guided tracks.

The station was deathly quiet except for the sound of stepping feet and the chattering of many voices in the distance. I heard them repeating, give me first class, one way to the year twenty thirty-five in the no touching section. And so it is the future rides without the Holy Spirit and the touching of hands. The conductor yelled as she turned her skeleton head all aboard!! Next stop 2050.


Thanks Everyone especially for your time spent reading my page.

Settling For Love

Settling for love my dearly departed. Settling for love. That look in your eyes said there was something there. Sometime years ago. It was something years ago.

The accuser of the brethren is everyone. Saying God is no exception for a credit to themselves. I’m settling for love my dearly departed. Settling of love for the life of me. Gairey