Esau! Esau? Yes Jacob.
I’ve found the House of God of our inheritance.
Esau! Esau? Yes Jacob.
It’s a place prepared of them in Bethel.
We have all lost our birth rite and is in need of Jesus. If you look you will find.

Benefactors Of God

Benefactors of God.
There is so much more to the bible than we acknowledge. Likewise there is more to God than we worship Him for.
We glamorize the message of a pie in the sky neglecting to recognize all the other benefits of God. For example:
At times a benefit of God is that we simply make our regular visit to the doctor and to church obeying every word that they say.
Imagine the millions that would benefit.

Danger Seen & Unseen

Danger Seen and Unseen.
I woke this morning and did my usual prayer. A presence of mind says to pray more earnestly, so I did.
Went to work with a slight rain on my car. The weather man says thirty percent now and Sixty later in the day.
Work went well today. I had a lot to do in eight hours but I was determined not to work overtime.
Sure enough that sixty percent turned out to be a hundred with visibility less that a block. Wipers working good, tires tracking good and I’ve got confidence that my twelve year old, bought and paid for Grand Prix can handle the road. Normally I drive the free way, but as I was about to enter it I notice that it was congested. A presence of mind says ‘ don’t go that way but I thought to myself. My car can make it just fine. Nevertheless I decided to drive inner city.
It was really storming out. I griped the steering wheel as my car splashed its way home. Pools of water streaming from my tires. I even passed two cars doing a whopping thirty- five miles per hour in a fifty mile per hour zone. Firmly seated in my bucket seats,I can sense my tires as my inboard computer self adjust to control traction. My hands claps the wheel carefully in the two O’clock position. Only two more lights and I’ll make that left into my gate. I must admit I was a little apprehensive due to the heavy down pour.
The interesting thing is, as soon as I made the turn for home I lost my power steering. I had to tug really hard to recover from my turn. Now I wonder? Had I taken the faster route. Would I have created an accident in this storm?
I made it home just fine. For some unforeseen reason my fan belt slipped off the engine. It didn’t break which is the usual reason for a loss of power steering. That extra moment of prayer covered my day. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The law of Love

Revelation knowledge
By the inspiration of God men wrote the word of God. Transcending their feelings and law they learned God. All the while obeying the law of love without violating the truth of scripture. Never compromise the knowledge of the Word for the feelings of our emotions.
On an emotion scale truth and lie feels the same way. Discernment of them is a back drop of the written Word of God.
The way we feel now is not a compass to who we are. To deny ourselves for the truth of God embraces the Word of God above our own feelings. How can the created man judge the bible and his creator based on his own feelings? Such a person does not regard God and the knowledge of His Word. It is the age old lie of judging God based on our own knowledge of Good and Evil. Often times to satisfy ourselves we get high on our sense of being. Like Adam and Eve we are drawn away by our own lust from harmony with God. So Christ came and as the Word made flesh, fulfilled the law of Love. Let’s not forget the love of the law. GB


Love your enemy as yourself.

It is believed that God sent His Son Jesus from heaven even to the grave. In so doing He raised the standard of life among us, broadcasting that faith in Him is the standard for life.
Who is my enemy and who will save me? I am my own worst enemy. The Lord strong and mighty King of glory will save me from myself.
Time is a sacred thing, measured by a scared universe, which is sustained by our sacred Savior. We should protect our heart as He does His creation.
Carnally I am an enemy of God. When the enemy comes like a flood the standard is raised, and I am humbled. Who is my enemy? The Lord strong and mighty who saves me from myself. Let’s not think of ourselves more highly than we should.
There is only one good and that is God the Father who sent us His Son Jesus Christ to save believers from hell. Where our worms don’t die.
It is difficult for a rich person to enter into the joy and peace of heaven. Because by our own standard most will say in their heart, who is God?
We are all guilty of such merchandizing and suffer the righteous indignation of God. As it is written, ‘a rich man’s poverty is a poor man’s lack. ‘The poor will always be with us.’ Anyway, the kingdom of heaven is not meat or drink but it is joy and peace in the Holy Ghost.



Look at your reflection and see yourself in a broader view.
D-on’t N-urture A-rrogance.
There stand the ones who live and die to cast you there.
The path of righteousness leads to and from Christ who is the beginning and and the end.
From Adam to Jesus Jesus to you reflects the linage of God’s path of righteous souls.
If I entertains all the negative thoughts in my head. They would reward me with hell to pay.
On the other hand, if I never accomplished all the good I intended. Heaven still credits my name in the Book of The Lamb.