Iman Can’t Breathe For The Life Of Me

For the rights and privileges of a man the sons of God violated the daughters of men. Like squatters staking claim to the pride of life. Banished forever from the tree of life. Satan fell from heaven like lightning.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth.. For things pleasant to our perceptions and filled with a wisdom from below. Unto to us a child is born… the angels sang, peace on Earth and good will to men.

The weakness of God is stronger than iman. Saying bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. Evident in the pride of life, Lucifer beguiled us all . For the weakness of Eve is stronger than iman. But by one man sin came into the world and by one man sin will leave.

Mountains of Temptation

Manifested again on Temptation Mountain, pride confronts the Word of God. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word uttered said God, Worship the Lord thy God and serve only Him.
Evil begets evilness, good begets goodness and everything produce after it’s own kind. Well hidden from the Father of Light, evil hides in the shadows of light.
Man oh man! where are you? ask the Holy One. I heard your Spirit walking, so I hid myself said iman. Here in the pride of life I hear you but I can’t see you. I can’t breathe for the life of me.

Woe man! You have done something wrong? Something you don’t want to know about. Paradise is fallen from you. In the knowledge of Good and evil Hell is an open grave. A great divide between us, a chasm of good and evil.
But I Am God and a law unto myself. I will establish enmity between the evil and the good. Because you like sheep are gone from paradise. Vanity of vanity said the preacher, all is vanity.

Enmity creeps in the dust of the ground and to dust we shall return. The more you struggle enmity constricts. Suffocating pride and I can’t breathe for the life of me.
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes is a sacrifice to the gods. I can’t breathe for the life of me.

The blood of the Lamb is a sweet smelling sacrifice for the sin of the world because man shall not live by bread alone. A systemic cry for freedom that echo’s through the ages of time. That if we don’t do well sin is an open door and I can’t breathe for the life of me.
Give it up give it up man.

Your right to life is the image of God.

Give it up, put your hands up.

Whosoever comes to me I will not cast out.

And whosoever will lose there life Christ will rise up on the last day.
On the cross the Man came to iman and He will come again.

Because this race is not for the swift but foe who can endures to the end.