Little Ant

God of the seen and the unseen world. Imagine the other dimensions, bigger and smaller that we are not aware of. A bird that falls to the ground doesn’t go unnoticed by God. Sometimes we just need to chill.

Stick a pin in it and fear not. Jesus is God coming into this world to save whoever is aware and do believe in Him.

This little ant captured a much bigger and more beautiful ant than itself. Which had wings to fly. Then dragged it to a world beneath our feet.

Listen to all the different sound in the backyard. Everyone has its own dimension and is all interdependent by God. We can mostly identify them all if we had a mind to. Can you identify my dog breathing in the background?

My dog can hear things I can’t but she has absolutely no interest in watching this little ant beneath her feet. Makes me wonder. Why would God take such a major interest in the life of little men. To love us and to come to us as the man He created. To save us in a world we can not completely see or hear.

Like that pretty little ant with wings is about to be transformed in the belly of that regular ugly ant. The story of life on Earth. There is not much more more to it. Except for the likeness of God to love each other. This story has many morals. Pick the one that picked you.