See Here Now

“See Here Now”
In as much as we strive to excel in knowledge and business, we should even more strive to live in what we know of Jesus. The truth we know will set us free. There are no single heroes before Him.
To him that knows much, much is required. The days of a hero is behind us. These are the days of every individual living in accordance with what they have learned of God. When trials, tribulations, pestilence, and all manner of evil comes, our relationship and integrity with Jesus Christ will be the deciding factor. Miracles will follow believers acting in one accord, though we be of many nations. Strangers united in Christ by our own measure of faith,
as John the Baptist is known for greatness. So will every believer be known by their faith in Christ. Our life will testify of Him, and our peace will be measured by Him. All things working together for good for the called according to His purpose.
We will be surprised to see on whom falls the peace of God. Let us judge ourselves and know where we stand with God, because He is slow to anger and rewards those who earnestly seek Him.
New International Version
Then Jesus ordered him, “Don’t tell anyone, but go, show yourself to the priest and offer the sacrifices that Moses commanded for your cleansing, as a testimony to them.”
There are rich famous authors whose exploits are to speak rubbish against the God they don’t know. Excluding faith as a reason for our beliefs. Going viral in their own confusion and with envy of the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus. Who sent His own disciples to confront the world in pairs of two. The wisdom of that is not of this world. To Empower the ordinary thinking man to do extra ordinary things teaching His gospel of peace.
The only high priest we have is the Spirit Jesus, and the sacrifice He requires is to take care of the widows and the fatherless. All His commands can be summed up in this one thing: Love God and your neighbor as yourself. So we do the works of God in prayer and by our deeds. By our deeds because how can we love without giving of our substance? Who is my neighbor you ask? Generally speaking it is that person you know who is in need of love. Friend or foe, gay or straight, any and everyone we know. How is it possible to love everybody you remark? You do that by the love for yourself which comes from loving God. If you can love God who created everything, you can love the things He created instinctively. If you don’t love God then hating is just as easy.
The devil is a liar we all agree. There is an instance where he actually tells the truth. When he accuses and slanders us before God. He is right on all counts of us being sinners. That’s why we have an advocate Christ Jesus to plead our case. God the father sees us all the same way, in that He does not recognize us at all. He only sees Jesus Son of God. That is why our lives must be hid in Christ. Now if only our churches would see ourselves the way God does, and allow Jesus to do what He does best, which is to be Christ to all who the Father draws to Himself. We have our own brand of holiness, but ultimately we are only prodigals who claim our own.
I don’t recall an experience where Jesus had a good report with any man-made temple. Nevertheless, according to traditions He never neglected the gathering of organized worship. He encourages us to do the same. It’s time we open our doors to everyone saying, whosoever will let them come. The world is tired, and is looking for sanctuary. The Spirit of The Lord wants to be poured out so much that our churches won’t be able to contain It, but it is hindered because we think that we must redo the world in our own traditions.
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‘See Here Now’

“See Here Now”
In as much as we strive to excel in knowledge and business, we should even more strive to live in what we know of Jesus. The truth we know will set us free. There are no single heroes before Him.
To him that knows much, much is required. The days of a hero is behind us. These are the days of every individual living in accordance with what they have learned of God. When trials, tribulations, pestilence, and all manner of evil comes, our relationship and integrity with Jesus Christ will be the deciding factor. Miracles will follow believers acting in one accord, though we be of many nations. Strangers united in Christ by our own measure of faith,
as John the Baptist is known for greatness. So will every believer be known by their faith in Christ. Our life will testify of Him, and our peace will be measured by Him. All things working together for good for the called according to His purpose.
We will be surprised to see on whom falls the peace of God. Let us judge ourselves and know where we stand with God, because He is slow to anger and rewards those who earnestly seek Him.
New International Version
Then Jesus ordered him, “Don’t tell anyone, but go, show yourself to the priest and offer the sacrifices that Moses commanded for your cleansing, as a testimony to them.”
There are rich famous authors whose exploits are to speak rubbish against the God they don’t know. Excluding faith as a reason for our beliefs. Going viral in their own confusion and with envy of the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus. Who sent His own disciples to confront the world in pairs of two. The wisdom of that is not of this world. To Empower the ordinary thinking man to do extra ordinary things teaching His gospel of peace.
The only high priest we have is the Spirit Jesus, and the sacrifice He requires is to take care of the widows and the fatherless. All His commands can be summed up in this one thing: Love God and your neighbor as yourself. So we do the works of God in prayer and by our deeds. By our deeds because how can we love without giving of our substance? Who is my neighbor you ask? Generally speaking it is that person you know who is in need of love. Friend or foe, gay or straight, any and everyone we know. How is it possible to love everybody you remark? You do that by the love for yourself which comes from loving God. If you can love God who created everything, you can love the things He created instinctively. If you don’t love God then hating is just as easy.
The devil is a liar we all agree. There is an instance where he actually tells the truth. When he accuses and slanders us before God. He is right on all counts of us being sinners. That’s why we have an advocate Christ Jesus to plead our case. God the father sees us all the same way, in that He does not recognize us at all. He only sees Jesus Son of God. That is why our lives must be hid in Christ. Now if only our churches would see ourselves the way God does, and allow Jesus to do what He does best, which is to be Christ to all who the Father draws to Himself. We have our own brand of holiness, but ultimately we are only prodigals who claim our own.
I don’t recall an experience where Jesus had a good report with any man-made temple. Nevertheless, according to traditions He never neglected the gathering of organized worship. He encourages us to do the same. It’s time we open our doors to everyone saying, whosoever will let them come. The world is tired, and is looking for sanctuary. The Spirit of The Lord wants to be poured out so much that our churches won’t be able to contain It, but it is hindered because we think that we must redo the world in our own traditions.


I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. (Noah, his three individual sons with their descendants, all life that came out of the ark and the earth .)
8 Then God said to Noah and to his sons with him: 9 “I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you 10 and with every living creature that was with you—the birds, the livestock and all the wild animals, all those that came out of the ark with you—every living creature on earth. 
11 I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.”
New International Version
By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.
Parallel Verses
New International Version
But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.
If these are the days of Noah then the doors must be closing due to extreme weather condition. If dinosaur could they might have run for cover.
If these are the days of the ten virgins? Then it must be foolish to thing that money can afford the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
If we are identified as the Body Of Christ then why not The Head also. Can the body say to the head I have no need of you.

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat.
As a man thinks in his heart so is he.
What you think becomes you
Except for those tossed to and fro by winds of doctrine.
Whose hearts are filled with doubt. 
They are not hot or cold 
Lacks passion but is filled with emotions of evil.
Accountable to no one or for anything. 
Just a bad taste in God mouth.
Disgraced and forgotten.
Who am I to complain that they tarry long. 
As for me I will follow Christ.
Lovers of themselves more than lovers of God.
Liars thief’s and murders whose mouth is better sweet.
Whose father is no other than the devil.
The children of God is identified by their love one to another.
Joined together in the The Father Son and Holy Ghost.
Humble and holy, meditating always in God’s presence.
In the company of angles we learn to bow in reverence of Him who is able to destroy body and soul.
Almighty God is His name
Ruler of Heaven and earth.
Whose Words are food for my soul.
Embodied in the person of Jesus Christ.
Enforced by the power of The Holy Ghost
Manifested today in the church of God.
To which I belong and who we are.
No longer I but Christ who lives in me.
So I say words are like food
You are what you eat.


My best friends were once my worst enemy.
Separated by sin but He loved me.
With Him I’m justified in spite of myself.
And He calls me friend.

My friend I forgive you.
Though you hate me
I love you and forgive you.
You are justified with me

I love you and pray for you
In spite of yourself.
You are alright with me
And I call you friend.

Though you hurt me
I love you
and pray for you.
You are my friend.

Let us rise above our sin.
To live and love from within.
Let us rise above the pain
Justified in Jesus name.

Let us rise in Jesus name
Rise above the pain
To live and love from within
Rise in Jesus name .


We Shall Not Be Moved

We shall no be moved

The weather is cool
And the weather is nice.
So We walk upon the water
I shall not be moved.
We shall not be Moved

Zechariah 14:8 And it shall come to pass in that day that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the eastern sea, and half of them toward the hinder sea: in summer and in winter shall it be.

The weather man say its rain today.
A fifty percent chance that it will fall.
Right now is just a little squall
Later will be equinoctial
Of a latter proportion.

Two in a bed and one is taken
Planted by the river of water
So I place my feet out in the water.
Of here today and gone tomorrow.

So I place my feet out in the stream.
Somebody scream
Here today and gone tomorrow.
There is no water to out this fire

The weather is cool
And the weather is nice.
So I walk upon the water
I shall not be moved.

I shall not be I shall not be moved.
Just like a tree I’m planted by the water.
And I shall not be moved.

This is not another dooms day tragedy.
But it is the rise and fall of a prophecy.
I shall not be
I shall not be moved
I shall not be
I shall not be moved.
Just like a tree planted by the water.
We shall not be moved.

I See Now

I See Now
The bible is true that without vision people perish.
Where there is no vision people suffer.
Sometimes an individual can predict the future.
That God has allowed them to see.
But then, lifted up in pride
Loosing sight of the here and now
Our faith for the future is stronger
Than our faith here and now.
Having hope without substance
And pride in things we can’t see.
Forever close and yet so far.

The bible is true in this too.
God is a lamp unto our feet.
Guiding our steps from day to day.
Step by step He leads the way.
So if your life is full of darkness
Bow your head and pray.
Take it one step at a time
One day at a time.
And if your life shines bright
As the noon day sun.
Lift your head and pray
Because between now and then
There are many nights and days to a vision.
Its all good in God when we pray.

Old Pharisee

You Old Pharisee
Holiness is God in action doing whatever necessary to fulfill His Word.
Or we could say His Word accomplishing His will by any means necessary.
If there was another way He would have told us.
So in all thy getting, get this.
Without holiness no man see’s God.
So be ye holy as He is holy.

Righteousness came by way of Israel.
But unless our righteousness exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisee,
There is no claim to reign.
Tracing backwards has no future reign.
you old pharisee.
With so much to say
And so much to write.
But you will not enter into the kingdom of God.
Making your selves a mockery for others to see.
You old Pharisee.
Forsaking the teaching of Jesus Christ.
With so much knowledge, and so much wisdom.
Falling short of understanding.
You old Pharisee.
Making mockery for others to see.
Return to your closet and there you must pray.
You old Pharisee
Don’t let your right hand know
What your left hand do.
You old Pharisee.


Lets Walk And Talk

Come  let's walk and talk.
Woke up this morning thinking about the Holy Spirit
and also the things on my honey do list.   
 In a church service I recalled the
interpretation of the the tongues were,  'you have called, I have come but you
must come up higher. In ignorance I wondered, how high? and the impression in my
thoughts said, 'what part of higher don't you understand.' No matter how high we
reach in our ways. God's ways will always be higher. 
Often times in our traditions  we find ourselves leveraging with God. Only to fall flat on our face
at lightening speed before Him.
In heaven Satan son of the morning made the
same mistake as the Word remarked.' Behold I saw satan falling from heaven like
lightening. 'Oh Lucifer how have you fallen.'  Isaiah 14:12-15 How art thou
fallen from heaven, Lucifer, son of the morning! Thou art cut down to the
ground, that didst prostrate the nations! And thou that didst say in thy heart,
I will ascend into the heavens, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God,
and I will sit upon the mount of assembly, in the recesses of the north; I will
ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High: none the
less art thou brought down to Sheol, to the recesses of the pit. 
Well so much for format. Hi hi.

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It's 8:10 AM and I'm standing in the
kitchen with my back to the counter looking at my reflection in the microwave.
That ghostly image of myself caused me to wonder of who is the Holy Ghost or
Holy Spirit. Holy Ghost because He is a person and Holy Spirit because I can't
see Him. Curious because I can hear Him.
 9:13 AM and I'm here at the repair shop having her car done. My holy wife said it's not right in the
front end. So here I am waiting and blogging. What ever the problem is it will have some zeros behind it. (Hep mi laud.)
Right then I heard my name, sir you wanna come with me. I want to show you a few things that needs fixing. Tires and
joints is all you need done. Now I'm praying 'thank you Lord for what you have done for me' by Bob Marley. For Keeping us 
safe from from 9 to 5 on the 95.
The image that has been given me of the Holy Ghost is a very threatening one. They
had me thinking that blaspheme and Holy Spirit goes hand in hand. Like shaking
the hand of pro wrestler out of control. Body slamming and twisting my humerus.
Now I understand the Holy Ghost to be a humble God in control of His own
strength. Laughing at the sins of iniquity  all the way to heaven and back. 

Enforcing the Word Of God with the crack of a whip at our sinful souls. Like a
Shepard moving  cattle. Intimidating but necessary to keep the strays in line. I
was made to think that His voice was a whisper in my head. While the devil was
lauded and arrogant. Narrow is the way of Christ and  broad  is our way to
destruction. But who likes to hear that?
The love God has for the world is
salvation by any means necessary. His cross is not just an alternative means but
the only way possible to reign with Him in glory. Filling that void left open by
 Finding Jesus by the Jews, by the Romans or by the Devil Himself is
nothing more than pawns in the power of God. You can even say that He made Judas
to betray Him. I say He made him do it quickly in less than twenty-four
That is why I pick up my own cross daily and follow Jesus.

it's 10:49 had to go haggle with the repair guy wearing the white shirt. Turns
out tires is all I have time for today. That's a savings of about fifteen
hundred dollars accord to computer estimate. Feeling uneasy about this
estimate  I called a family friend in the auto repair business. Turns out that
trusting in God is my only option today. And my holy wife thinks Im doing the
right thing. You might find a lot of holes in this blog but hey, it works for
As the Holy Bible says. A man's desire is to please his wife. You can't
get much higher that that down here. lol
       Jamaican folk song.
'Dis long
time gal me never see you.
Com meck we walk and talk.
Peel head john crow sit
in the tree top.
Pick off the blossoms
Com meck we walk and talk.
Gal, come
let's walk and talk.' 
It's funny how things just pops into my head.
If I told you how I met my wife. You would be amazed. Our theme song was 'stealing love on
the side' by Carlene Davis during the early eighties. Man! time fly. The last
time I checked Sis. Carlene was singing gospel in a reggae style. In fact lots
of great reggae singers are lifting up the name of Jesus. Look out world, reggae
is on the move. Preparing hearts and mind for a time to come. You can say what
you will about Bob Marley, where were you when the world needed a an alternative
to penitentiaries, false teachings and brain wash education. As he would tell
you. But how can they hear without a preacher and preachers are anointed and
they are sent. Moving through the earth like the wind. No one knows from where
they came or to where they go. Until we are swept up in it. That mighty, mighty
wind of jubilee. Hey!!! It works for me. 
You go Holy Spirit of God.

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Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best
Every task takes preparation.
If not we can only expect mediocracy.
So full of potential with little or accomplishment.
But when you have done your best,
that’s all God expects.
Father knows best.
He made you as you are.
So sanctify and be ready.
A man’s best is more than a any mediocracy.
So fill your cup and let it run over
Half empty and half full,
There is two much of that.
God only knows.
So sanctify yourself little man
My learned friend.
Our words are not our own.
Father knows best.
Father knows best.
When you see the Father, you know you ready.
It’s been so long and still you say show me.
When you see The Son you see the Father.
Like He said, I and The Father is One.
Even as you and I are One.
Sanctify yourself little man,
Oh learner friend.
If a man is all you know
You need to sanctify yourself.
Father knows best
Our Father knows best.
He’ll only ask us to do what we are gifted far.
No judge, no condemnation
for the justified.
So we sanctify so we be ready.
Who He call He Sanctify
Who he sanctify He Justify
To be conformed to the image of His Son
And Father knows best.
Our Father knows best.
Not by might or by power but by My Spirit says The Lord.
Father knows best
Our Father knows best.


Fallen Fighters

Rise Fallen Fighter
By Gairey Blake
I don’t have silver or gold
But what I have I give.
If I might be so bold 
In my right to live
Integrity is just of the righteous 
Saying as much as we have we must give. 
For that reason we must talk
Pick up ourselves and walk.
We are notorious and we are massive.
We don’t need that beastie mark,
To buy or sell, but we must give
Cause the Word of The Lord 
Ain’t for natural sense.
Rise up falling fighters 
Rise up and make a stance. 
Silver and gold have I none
But in as much as I have I give
Rise up fallen fighter 
Rise up and make a stance
In the name of the Lord.


Subjective Thinking

Subjective Thinking 
If you want to know your history, Check your credit report,
But that’s neither here or there.
Want to know your future? 
Check your reputation. 
Taking into account what your neighbors have to say.
Because from the mouth of two or three it is established and
our reputation precedes us.
You can sleep for two thousand years or one day. 
It makes no difference.
When you wake up you will be in the presence of Jesus. 
Consider His Bride or His servant 
When you make it there
You want to hear Him say, ‘well done.’
Enter into the Joy of The Lord.
Everyone will be there for a judgment so whatever you do, do it well as unto The Lord.
Lord knows life ain’t easy.
So hold on to Jesus who sees and understands more than we know.
Now This
– A good name is better than precious ointment, and the day of death than the day of birth. 
New American Standard Bible
A good reputation is better than precious perfume; likewise, the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth. 
Know This
Eye have not seen nor my ear heard what God has prepared for people who love Him.
One Love, One Ahavah.

Tongues & Pen


Tongue and Pen.
September 12, 2011 at 11:43am

It’s the early 1900’s and the ball point pen was perfected for mass production and the gift of tongues reappeared. “Hello my name is Ball Point better known as Pen, who are you?” “I am the gift of tongues, edifier to man.” “Nice to meet you said pen, when you speak I will write.” And tongue said, “Not possible I speak as the Holy One gives utterance in a heavenly language,” as said in the Holy Book. “Pen said, “If you let me dictate I will make you popular.” The gift of tongues said, “As it is already written, it is the Lord that gives me utterance.” Then pen thought out loud, “soon you will be unknown and I will be a keyboard in the hands of everyone.” And then there was silence in the chattering air.
Gairey Blake

Shake My Salt

Shake My Salt
I know that God so love the world He sent Jesus. Who was accused to be a friend sinners.
He died a sacrifice unto God. Then He arose to take His rightful place. Sending us the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Not to befriend sinners but guide believers in all truth.
Now the only true friend a sinner has is a Christian who is the salt of the earth. Accused as haters for speaking the gospel of truth. Like salt from a shaker we minister Truth. Accused not by the sinners, but by believers blaspheming the truth.
Non-believer cares very little about what religion has to say. But not to worry, because the falling away from the Spirit of truth is a prophecy of Perdition. If that time is still yet to come? Can you imagine a life without the the Holy Spirit of truth.
The things we entertain now would be considered blaspheme back in the day. And time waits for no one.
What are the requirements of a new world order that excites or leaders. It’s a bug is in a web and the spider walks free. Defining laws for the lawless. But not to worry, all these things must be. If that’s enough for you, who I’m I to differ?
Will you shake your salt or have you lost your flavor?
Ministry was easy when we sing ‘Mary had a little lamb’ Then we realize that His feet are not white as snow. That He never followed after Mary. He followed after Father God. The caravan left Him at the temple. Reasoning skillfully with people out of His league.


In His Presence

In His Presence
The first and only reaction to sin is to hide ourselves. Have you ever notice how an infant tries to hide when they disobey their parents? The most revealing guilt is their expression when confronted. As a parent we can tell without being told exactly what the child did or intended to do. As we too experience the same things daily. But that poor child is new to sin. We as adults can say, been there done that.
Transparency has the most liberating effect on us humans. But confessing and praying will heal our encounters against God. Confessing one to another and praying to The Father by His Son. Who gave His life ransomed for us. The alpha and Omega.
Transparency is to heaven what gravity is to earth. Just a short trip above ground and every man weighs the same. But hear in the confines of earth, gravity binds us to the ground. Dust we are and to dust we return. Who among us can float up into the open sky and return the same way? Jesus did and will return.
A soul that is free has an open heart that goes in and out at will and finds pasture. Shepard by Christ. While a soul that is bound, carries a heavy heart habitable to diverse spirits.
If you know someone a beloved of God? Don’t be afraid to be known by that person. Let the light of God illuminate the dark places where pride originates and be healed. We are all sinners sick unto death. Ashamed to the gospel of power to salvation.
No one alive no longer needs salvation to be healed. Him who is forgiven much, loves much. So according to James 5:16 Open your heart in the presence of God.
If you like this article? then you should pray for me, as I already am praying for you.
I don’t need to know about the cookies you stole from your manna’s jar. We all born sinners to the god of this world. That Liar, that thief who murders from the beginning. Confess of your repentance throwing off that weight. That sin that beset us all.
Parents by nature is our greatest influence. But God is the creator of all things. In Him we live and breathe and in His presence we are loved.


Encourage Yourself

Encourage Yourself
Ever so often we are encouraged to update our phone applications for maximum efficiency. To prevent hackers from manipulating our software. To some one born in the early nineties they would not know anything about that.
But if you told them about the necessity of encouraging someone in their day to say life. They would readily understand as we do today.
Encouraging someone is the same as updating a software. People operate at their maximum efficiency when the are encouraged. That’s an update for any age. The kind of update that restores the brain to operate at maximum efficiently.
Like King David, sometimes you have to encourage yourself with the Word Of God. Get a bible app. and stay updated in God. I like It can take you as far as you want to go with the bible.

Breaking News

Breaking News
There are things I say to my wife I say to no one else.
There are things she tell me that she tells no one else.
There are things The Holy Spirit tells the individual body of Christ that another wont hear.
Some will hear a roaring thunder
While others hear the voice of The Father.
Some were righteous in their time,
Like Noah ride the waves.
Now we must be righteous all the time,
Like Abraham father of Faith.
Lot was considered righteous because of Abraham friendship with God and the toasted lamb.
My sheep hears my voice and another they will not follow.
Because grace and mercy still reign in this time.


Counting joy that comes in the morning. Uruk.
Instead count it all joy that comes when nights will be no more.
When the light of God eliminate the day.
Evil endures for a night but joy comes in the morning.
‘Good Morning’


Naked we come, and naked we go.
from the richest to the poorest.
Earth makes no sale so
consuming even the bravest.

My soul has no hidden compartment.
What you see is what you get.
We are the sum of God’s investment.
But how easily we forget.

One, five or ten, is the talent as of my worth.
But the wicked soul he makes no return.
From a one way ticket to a bottomless pit.
Buried he in the dust my soul come forth.

Naked I come naked I go.
I man a treasure of heaven.
I want you to know.
Naked I come naked I go

Counting days from one to seven.
Naked I come, naked I go.

Hedge Fund

A Green Thumb Is Better that a Hedge Fund, so to speak.
Have you consider my servant Job?
You have put a hedge around him and his house hold and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, so that his flocks and herds are spread throughout the land.
Hedges are made up of several plants that forms a barrier around you or along way. One plant can’t form a hedge, you need several. In time they will grow up to form a barrier. The Word of God and The Church are like plants. That in time is like a hedge fund around us. To the envy of a devil with a hedge fund.
The life of Job is like the life of The Church. Like Job sacrifices for His family, God sacrificed for the world by Jesus. By that He sealed the Bible and the best is yet to come.
God bless the Church you have to be it to be in it.
The other thing is to plant a tree for Mother Earth or she will do it for herself. The hedges of our industries are no match for Mother Nature and the breath of Life.

Colt of an Ass

Many children of God are at a cross roads in life. Tied to the things of this life. Like the ass, waiting for a disciple to untie it. This donkey has your name on it.
No one is coming to get you, so untie your ass and get to stepping. The master has use for all you PK.(preachers Kids)
Can you hear me now? this is serious. Jesus rode to our salvation on the colt of an Ass. Is that because the colt will follow it’s mother and a mother will never leave her colt. Go figure.
Matthew 21:1-2 And when they drew near to Jerusalem and came to Bethphage, at the mount of Olives, then Jesus sent two disciples, saying to them, Go into the village over against you, and immediately ye will find an ass tied, and a colt with it; loose them and lead them to me.

My God Man

My God man.
Once upon a time Jesus said to Israel that a little leaven leaven the whole loaf. Of His own life, God took on the nature of sin and remain sinless. Proving that sin has no power over righteousness.
The integrity of anything is that it is true to itself. By the example of being hot or cold. To choose to be full of sin or to be completely righteous in Christ. He is the last and worthy sacrifice unto God.
All men are full of sin through and through. There is none good not one, only God is good. Jesus Christ is the last possible hope in being righteous. Every other avenue of being atoned to God has failed. Mankind in general will always dispute his Maker, but all other forces of life has already come to this conclusion. Every angel, every demon and even the universe anxiously awaited for the dispensation of mankind.
Let them that are righteous be righteous and those that are evil be evil still. Choose this day to be what you are because all hypocritical things without full integrity in The Father Son and Holy Ghost by the death of Christ will be proven in judgement to be a lost soul. Christ has given all mankind. Jews and Gentile the right to be atoned to God by His grace and mercy to die for the sins of the world. My God man.
There are other religions of people that are true to their belief. To whom we have no right to judge. It is better not knowing the person of Jesus, than to know and be hardened in disbelief.

Jonah’s Sign

Jonah, Jonas or Younis is the name given in the Hebrew Bible to a prophet of the northern kingdom of Israel in… about the 8th century BC. Wikipedia
Jonah’s Sign
( Matthew 16:4 A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and a sign shall not be given to it save the sign of Jonas. And he left them and went away. )
Who Christians have in common is Jesus. What many have in common is the rapture. That will never be a trendy thing because the masses of us look’s for a sign from heaven. None will be given except for Jonah’s three days in the belly of a whale. Repentance got to be trendy in Nineveh because the people wanted to, and their politics accommodated them in turning to God. That was then, now everyone have the right to present themselves a living sacrifice onto God. No politician will ever run on that gospel ticket even though it’s our philosophy.
Trendy or not we Judge ourselves according to Gods’s word.
But how can they hear without a preacher who preaches the word of God. That word of hope promised to the body of Christ. Where the dead in Christ will rise and those of us alive will be caught up to meet them in the air. See what I mean, how trendy is that? Watching and praying for prosperity is now the trend of our preaching. Even for us who believe the gospel of the kingdom.
A co-worker made constant fun of my belief on the rapture. We passed each other several times daily. He is a navy veteran with an excellent singing voice and knew all the Motown hits and them some. As I passed by he would flop his hands like wings. Mockingly he ask each time, are you back? Did you go up and come right back. We would laugh at each other and jokingly I made my rebuttal. I ask candidly, if The Lord came right now what would you ask of Him? And he said salvation. I knew he wasn’t referring to the rapture because of the seriousness of his expression. He wanted a life not found in a bottle. Turned out he knew much about scriptures and nothing about salvation. If salvation evades you at least try to one day sit with the lion and the deer together. The rapture is not for everyone but hell was not meant for anyone. He’ll is a place prepared, where the knowledge of salvation in Jesus is a tormenting thought.
Isaiah 12:1
1 In that day you will say: “I will praise you, LORD. Although you were angry with me, your anger has turned away and you have comforted me.

Heal our Land
Heal our Land
A house divided by itself will not stand.
Be it that of a home, country or the entire world.
The reality of these times is the outcome of times gone by.
Whoever is without sin, let Him speak.
We preach behind walls that our children walk in peace.
When the grandchildren ask, Where was God?
Will we write them a book or sing them a song!
I will tell them, He cleared the way for you may walk in peace.
Blessed are the peace makers even in a times of war.
Let God arise beyond our walls and breathe the open air.
He stands outside our doors and knock.
Eager to fellowship in our homes, country and world.
If only His people prayed, Jesus heal our land.
We have all sinned against you..

Pray A Word

God Knows
Today I meditated on this:
Excitedly Jesus told Peter ‘ you are Peter on this rock I will build my church’
Some time later in a very agonizing prayer, Jesus said to Peter and two others. ‘ couldn’t you guys stay awake with me while I Pray’ Christ was asking His Father God that if it’s possible to find another way to salvation. Considering the statement He had already Made to Peter about how he will build His church. What if Peter would have stayed up in prayer with Jesus. Have you ever been to prayer meeting on a Wednesday night. Out of five hundred only five show up. And even with so few, God work miracles that changes things. 
There’s no way Jesus could have not gone to the cross. The Old Testament said He would and it had to be. Just like Jesus told Peter before hand, that before the rooster crows he Peter would deny Him three times.
Prayer changes things, when we do not contradict the Word of God. Then we can ask whatsoever we will in Christ name. As sure as a rooster crows, God already knows. It’s up to us.

At a Glance
At A Glance.
I heard briefly on the radio that two hundred million turkeys will die this thanks giving. Profiting at four billion dollars. Why does the president always pardon his turkey? What does that really mean. If there’s a message in that I don’t get it. There must be a special turkey farm some where for those turkey and their eggs. Lol
Now this:
God instructed us to be vegetarians, right? So why was Cain’s sacrificial offering not acceptable to God? Can we say assuredly that he did not give his very best, as Abel did? Would you accuse God to be in respect of persons? Are we not all made in the likeness of God? Is our God not true and just? Of course He is all that and more. Much more.
If your only response is that God is God and He does as He very well please. I must tell you that you are no fun at all. Try this spirit and see if it is of God.
The first evidence of hiding our sin and shame was found in Eden, as our naked and spiritually dead body had to be covered. Why did God not continue to use needle and thread? Later on in the New Testament it is learned that without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin.
Sin-Ting (A we’d iras)
Iras – a satellite launched in 1983 that maps radiation in the sky. LoL. God help us, we know not what we do. Laughter is good for the soul but no one laughs at a serious joke.

Sin entered our world in Eden and introduced the world to the law of sin and death. All men alive are born in sin and will die in sin, if we don’t repent and say sorry. Why is sayings sorry so hard? And often not enough to be forgiven. It’s a hard life my friends.
At first glance it would appear that God is bloody thirsty. But by the law of sin and death, salvation in Christ is man’s only hope for the Good Life. So God challenge the law of sin and death to save us.
The blood of animals, fruits or vegetables is not sufficient to overcome the law of sin and death.
That was just a shadow of Him who brushed His heal stepping on Satan’s head. It is God who so love the world, He gave his only begotten Son. That whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
To Die For
Would you die for me? He’ll no.
It is not necessary to die for a righteous man, but for an unrighteous man.
At a glance neither Cain or Abel knew that Jesus Christ, Son of God would die on the cross. Shedding His righteous blood for the sins of entire world. But still when we don’t do well, sin is at our door waiting to come in. Like a clever lizard on a cold winter’s day.
It doesn’t matter if we are sin conscious or not. The law of sin and death is the fabric of our lives.
When the good news of salvation is preached in every nation, God will call His people home. When the cry of the world, will have reach the throne of God. The end will come as it did for Sodom.
Fire! Fire!
In Sodom and Gomorra there was no righteous except for Lot’s blood line to Abraham. Then his connection to God by Abraham had absolutely no effect on that city. The cry of that city was so great that the Angel of The Lord destroyed it by fire.
Rained down from the heavens. Why is Nasa tracking every known astroid? And how did we missed that one that exploded in Russia? Oh well.
When the church of God is taken away from the world as was Lot from Sodom and Gomorra. Who will be the salt of the world by the blood of Jesus? It won’t be me cause I won’t be looking back as did lot’s wife.
At a glance, God said that He made coats of skin for Adam and Eve. Who is to say that He killed an animal for that. Still that does not change the Word as it states, (there is no forgiveness of sin without the shed blood of Jesus.) just a little something to chew on over turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving Day.
GB 2014.

Time Lapse

Humble Beginning
All my life I’ve been expecting the return of Christ and I still am today. No matter the economic condition, the underline message is always the same. In bible days they patiently waited for the birth of Jesus. For example in Luke 2:25 Now there was a man in Jerusalem called Simeon, who was righteous and devout. He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was on him. 26 It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Messiah. 27 Moved by the Spirit, he went into the temple courts.
I studied where the disciples seemed convinced that Jesus would return in their day. At one point Jesus said that some here who will not die till they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom. Some did. When you see the Son, you behold the Father. When you see the Father you see the Son. When you hear and see, it is by the testimony of The Holy Spirit.(Matt16:28)……;..
Those of us who are not expecting the return of Christ have inadvertently forgotten Him.
As the bible says, He is preparing a place so that where He is we will be also. A popular thought among people I know. Says that we now live in hell and one day it will be heaven. If only it was that simple. This is a personal view and and even simpler one.
Everything to happen has already taken place. I am that confident in the Word God. That in Christ we have eternal life. We know in our spirit that His return is near and we are hopeful. Making ourselves ready as a bride prepares to be one with her husband.
The original man Adam was totally unconscious. As God performed on his body and created his bride. Like wise we are unconscious to what it is that God has prepared for us. Before we were born l, He knew us? New International Version
However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him–
On that glorious day when we awake unto God. Having no memory of life on earth. I am confident in my faith. That I am an eternal soul in the kingdom of God.

Lock Stock & Barrel

Lock Stock & Barrel
How many of us can say like David said,’behold if I make my bed in hell You are there’
A good thing about today’s technology is transparency. It is raising a standard of integrity among us like a flood. Connecting the world like spider’s web. The World Wide Web.
Knowledge is increased and understanding is common placed. But wisdom is the principal thing at the end of the day.
To some degree I can personally say that I have failed God. In my infancy my soul yearns to be free. While at the same time He has prospered me in all that I am. Showing Himself strong along the way, triumphing my testimony.
That without Him I am lost to myself. Less that a grain of corn in universal corn field. That in Him I am everything. Lock stock and barrel.


Good Loving

Washed my car listening to the top 55 summer songs on aol radio. # 55 I’m gana soak up the sun, before it goes out on me…… # 1 ‘Jamming’ straight from yard by Bob Marley.
Car’s looking clean, now for some studio time.
To satisfy my soul.
Movies later to start her weekend
and to start my week.
But only if she feels like it.
Life is a forever in Christ.
Live it well cause He won’t be denied.
Life is good for the good and pure for the pure.
Paying tithe, paying bills it’s all good.
A good life is not free.
A good wife is not cheap.
Her love is beyond anything money can buy.
Love is priceless to your neighbor and to yourself.
God is love and He won’t be denied.
Love is for somebody like unto yourself.
Love is for any and everyone
I can see it now.

Shadow Man

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I am but a shadow of Light

A strong man’s rest in the Almighty.

Like a tree planted by the river of water,

My servitude reflects my heavenly position.

And we shall reign the earth.

There I am king and priest unto our God.

Where angels sing holy is the Lord God almighty.

Whoever exults themselves shall be abased.

So I take privilege in this lowly estate.

A shadow man in the image of God.

Walking upright under the noon day sun.

GB. Ps. 1:3

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Shadow Man

I am but a shadow of Light

A strong man’s rest in the Almighty.

Like a tree planted by the river of water,

Our servitude is heavenly position.

And we shall reign the earth.

There we are kings and priest unto our God.

Where angels sing holy is the Lord God almighty.

Whoever exults themselves shall be abased.

So I take privilege in this lowly estate.

A shadow man in the image of God.

Walking upright under the noon day sun.

Warped Conversation

Warped Conversation

I don’t have time to think about what you’re trying to tell me. What’s with all this Old and New Testament stuff? Don’t you have anything for ‘Noah’ days. From the now a days universal enlightenment bible blog. Let’s Keep it real with eating, drinking and sexual relationships between whoever with whatever. Stop speaking in riddles.
I don’t understand when Jesus spoke in parables. You can color it red white and blue. I still don’t get it. So you know I won’t understand your Holy Ghost rendition.
Like pastor said, the bible is not for anyone’s private interpretation. How warped can we get?

Try this on for size

Isaiah 26:4 ASV
Trust ye in Jehovah for ever; for in Jehovah, even Jehovah, is an everlasting rock.
Try this on for size.
My father was a professional taylor. He made garments to fit any body shape and he never charged extra for that. His customers were mostly of the hard working poor. Many times with his customers he would use this phrase. ‘Try this on for size.’ Let’s see how it fits. When a jacket would fit perfectly according to his measurement, he was very happy. Producing more than he could sell. In a time when the garment industry became increasingly self service and ready made. Manufacturing more than we can buy.
As we increase from faith to faith and glory to glory. Evaluating ourselves according to the Word of God. We begin each day as it is the first and last. Lord knows That’s not easy to do.
Giving out of lack can be more unto God than giving out of an abundance. Our meager jester in this life can be very resourceful in the store house of God.
Like a farmer, Christ has planted His crop in the earth and expects to make a profit in His return. Rewarding His servants equally. Regardless of how long they have been serving . A benefit to us in the kingdom of heaven. So many of us labor night and day even without the benefit of a good paying job. A good steward is, profitable in the kingdom of God. No matter the gifting or talent, the amount of faith we have should be used. Use it or lose it because faith without works is a dead, as the saying goes. A bible truth that is not adjusted by our unemployment rate.
Some will store up their abundance while other men suffer need. That is a sinful way to be. Some live in need while storing for an expected rainy day, that’s sinful too. Trust in God, say no to drugs, stop hanging out with the lawless, and all that. ‘Take no thought of what you will eat or drink or wear’ Our Heavenly Father knows what we need…. It’s Jesus way of telling us not to worry. He takes care of anyone who will trust in Him. His Spirit is Holy and cannot be merchandised like a garment.
Being poor does not constitutes favor with God anymore than being rich. I’m
living today like it’s the first and last. According to my own measure of faith.
Christ example among us is that he made himself poor, not boasting of His own wealth in heaven. Together as sons of God we can access that faith. He is first and last, beginning and end.
He said that with faith all things are possible. Try yours on for size. See how you fit in the kingdom of God.

Nickel&Dime Us

There was a teacher name Nicodemus who came to a logical conclusion of where Jesus came from.
John 2:2
2 He came to Jesus at night and said, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the signs you are doing if God were not with him.”
You figure Christ would have hugged him and said, good observation. Come and help me spread the gospel.
Instead Jesus came to the spiritual conclusion and said.
3 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”
It is most illogical to think that anyone can be born twice. But to the spiritual minded believer this definition is only practical.
Jesus went on to say that no one can see the kingdom of heaven without being born of Water and spirit.
If we as a people were anymore than Nicodemus, we would be delighted to see here and now the kingdom of heaven. But the idea of being born again of water and the spirit is foolishness to the world. It make more sense to the world to form a united front and explore the dark regions of spaces. Literally riding on the backs of of us casual believers. As was Nicodemus, taking lightly the word of God as they nickle&dime us to hell. Looking outside the kingdom of heaven for signs of eternal life. By their own conclusion. Life and death is certain even for stars. Eternal life in the kingdom of heaven is our best option right here on earth. Secured in the protective custody of the Son of God. This world will be destroyed by fire and be renewed. The only survivors will be to be born again of water and spirit to the kingdom of heaven. Where faith is my only currency.

Spoken Word

It’s very interesting that both Jesus and Satan referenced the written word as they confronted each other. Satan is clearly powerless to the written word that became flesh in the person Jesus.
Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word God Spoke.
It is foolish of anyone who attempts to outwit the Devil on their own. Just as it was for Satan to tempt Jesus by the Written Word.
By observation of the cause and effect when confronting evil. We develop habits we have seen in combatting the Demond’s in our life. It is written, when you are hungry eat food. When you want to defeat the Demond’s in your life, regurgitate the Word of God.
It is Written


Prophet and Prophetess

I’ve noticed in the Word that a prophet or prophetess were sent or sent for. Where are they when they are not busy prophesying?
They are in the Word because the Word of God is the Spirit of Prophesy. You can’t have one without the other.
Parallel Verses
New International Version
At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “Don’t do that! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus.”

What on Earth is Jesus Doing

What on Earth is Jesus doing?
Hosea’s Wife and Children
Hosea 1:2
2 When the LORD began to speak through Hosea, the LORD said to him, “Go, marry a promiscuous woman and have children with her, for like an adulterous wife this land is guilty of unfaithfulness to the LORD.”
Jeremiah 2:28
28 Where then are the gods you made for yourselves? Let them come if they can save you when you are in trouble! For you, Judah, have as many gods as you have towns.
If we pay attention we will see that God still rules in the affaires of men. He appoints all our leaders and removes them at will. As a Christian I pray for all our leaders by the word of God. I earnestly prayed for the presidency of The Clinton’s. I wanted them to show the world how to overcome our common enemy. And I continue to admire how they deal with their adversities. May God bless them always.
What is it that God wants from our lives. Why does he not just leave us alone to our own will? The answer to that might be as simple this.
It’s not good for the man to be alone so God made woman.
This is what God hast to work with.
The virtues of a woman is the greatest gift to the world. To comfort the ills caused by a lonely experience.
Who are we that God’s mind is full of us.
One day the Son of God, born of Israel, will be wedded to the most virtues woman ever made. A marriage made in heaven between God and Man. The Church Of God to the Son of God. Chosen of every language of every nation for a prepared place in heaven.
Parallel Verses
New International Version
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.
New Living Translation
When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.
English Standard Version
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.
It is the expectancy of everyone to be godlike. The religious and the non religious has this desire. But are we the marrying kind with the virtues of a godly woman. To love our wife’s as Christ loves the church. To love our neighbors as ourselves. If you said no, but I would like to be. Then consider the virtues of a good woman and God will find you.

Moving Mountains.

Moving Mountains
We Christians have a long history of moving mountains.
Personally speaking, I like Mt. Everest right where it is. If Mt. St. Helen was to start rumbling, I would be the first to move my mortal body somewhere else. I also do believe that my own personal faith is no bigger than a mustard seed.
“New International Version
Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”
With that said, I also believe that the whole of creation is rumbling and groaning for the redemption of the children of God. Collectively we are moving mountains because of our faith and hope in God. Nothing is impossible to us.
“New International Version
He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”
“And we believers also groan, even though we have the Holy Spirit within us as a foretaste of future glory, for we long for our bodies to be released from sin and suffering. We, too, wait with eager hope for the day when God will give us our full rights as his adopted children, including the new bodies he has promised us.”
Every believer is expecting this Earth to pass away by fire. Then a new one will be given to us. Together as one our faith is moving mountains toward that new day.
1 Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.
I have notice that the faithless ones are preparing to survive some sort of calamity. They are running at breakneck speed for the survival of mankind. To their credit even God knows that without His intervention man will find a way to live forever. The problem with that is the Devil knows it too and that His time is short.

U go God.

‘Wake up and smell the coffee’
Today we stopped by Jiffy Lube for an oil change. There we met a six year old little boy.
He went over to the coffee dispenser, peeked in and smell the coffee. My first thought was where is his mother. Next to the coffee sat a lady, wife of a fireman. She had an expression I interpreted as, Oh no this is my day off. An oil change is all I’m here for. Wasn’t long something kicked in and she was up closing doors and monitoring like a school teacher. Turned out she is. She was asking the boy question, like how big is your class? To which he replied, very big.
The entrance door was propped open because the handle had issues. I know this because in less than ten minutes this little boy ripped it off. I’m sure he was just trying to close the door. The attendant tried to hitched it back then he politely said, I better put this away before someone gets hurt. Thinking to myself, I said that’s a good idea.
By this time the child had already tried twice to play with my phone. I clutching on to my clip board, I said hold on a second son, Im trying to find a coupon. Wasn’t long he and the three of us were like family. Cleverly we able to find out where he went to school, his name and who he came with. I said cleverly because this child dominated the room. He moved everything movable, opened every locked door and wanted to know why is there a net under the car. He grabbed hold of a clipped board and requested that everyone pretended to sign their names on it.
Right about then his uncle came in and said, I’m glad he found someone to talk with. Searching our eyes as if he was expecting the usual annoyance then he left the room.
Turned out the kid was on good company. In the room was a professional psychologist, a school teacher and an X pastor, if there is such a thing. The manager handed me the clip board to sign for the oil change. As I was preoccupied with the bill my wife told me that the young man had clutched our elbows and a announced that we are married. On leaving the little boy held the door and said, I’m going to miss you. My heart sank within me and I said, my name is Gairey I’ll miss you too. Recalling a popular phrase I’ve heard so many times. ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’
The world wants to go viral but with God two or three is all we need to shake things up. I’ll always remember this little six year old because of the thing he has reminded me of. To allow the little children because of such is the kingdom of heaven. You go God.

Weather forecast 2050

Without vision People Perish.
There is nothing new under the sun except the increase of knowledge. Even that is old knees. GB

We’re So Messy

We’re So Messy
In the book of Genesis I see all things created by God.
I see, Angels, Stars, Planets, Plants, Animals, Insects, Water Earth, Man and Woman. If I have left anything out, have fun making your own list. For example, did God make water or did He move upon it. LOL
Except for angels everything was made to reproduce after it’s own kind. We have manipulated every thing and what a mess of things we are making. Things are so out of control that we don’t even want to be man and woman anymore. The work of our hands is taking over our very souls. The graven image has become us. The Grace and Mercy of God allocated to mankind is almost over. The work of the Holy Spirit and the church is at an expected climax. We are heaven bound in the twinkle of an eye and without the use of technology.
I like the way Jesus has overcome all these evil intensional works of Satan in the world. On an old wooden cross. It’s like an insult to the highest intelligence of everything man made or post humanism.
Now we messing around with TransHumanism, Singularity and we are clearly out of our league with our head in the sand. Because as the devil has beguiled Eve so shall we be taken away from the simplicity that is in Christ. ◄ 2 Corinthians 11:3 ►
What a mess of things we have made in such a shot time.

I’m Alive


The way to come alive is by saturating my minds with the vocabulary of Jesus. It’s the only way. I do that by reading and becoming delighted in it. It gets into my spirit like the hook to a good song. An acquired taste that is hard to forget. Remember mom’s apple pie, neck bones, chicken soup or the smell of sweat on dad’s sweaty hat. It might even be that expensive pair of shoe ripped up by your dog. Whatever. No matter how far you go there is that burning desire to return to your heart’s desire just one more time. It’s the same way with  God.  

For a time it is necessary to remove or sanctify ourselves from whatever it is that competes with God for your desire. When you are willing to sacrifice that desire and meditate on the Word of God? God will in turn return you to the things that we are most passionate about. All things will be added unto us by a promise in the Word of God. My desire is to do everything with passion because the law of God, morally correct is written in my heart and His love makes me come alive. As capable as God the creator is, He has covenanted Himself with us in the survival of human life my hope of glory.GB



Faulty and Salty are opposing twins from birth. They are codependent in spite of their opposing point of view and one would not exist without the other.
Faulty is more anonymous and is mostly very discreet in practice. Salty has a very overt personality with a dominating presence.
Salty is instructed to confide in faulty in order to maintain its savor. In doing so, faulty confess to benefiting from the healing virtues salty exhibits.
Confess your faults one to another so that you might be healed because if salt has lost its savor it serves no purpose.
Faulty is a born again believer in Jesus saved by grace, confessing to be unchristian in ways Salty isn’t . Salty is bound in its its composition to be perfectly salty or suffer the consequence of God’s law.
If you had a choice to be Faulty or Salty, who would you be. Or would you prefer to be a mixer of the two. GB

Let God Rest.

Let God Rest..
Father I know that you love us
And if we could you would let us,
Rule this world that you have given us.
All the while marveling at the work of your own hands saying, it was good.
Now Faith is the greatest force accessible to man.
Greater than the infamous Big Bang.
With faith comes hope.
That unstoppable movement unseen by to the naked eye.
Faith will take you from glory to glory in God.
Faith to faith and glory to glory in the pleasure of Almighty God.
No weapon formed shall prosper against us because we are the handy work of God.
Geneses 1:31. “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day”
And then He rested on the seventh day blessing it making it holy.
There is a lot of work to be done. The sooner we start, the sooner we can enter into the rest of God.


Who do you say that I am?
What’s your name? What’s my name?
Everybody needs one
Even our pets have a name.

Some love for the attributes
Some for what I do.
Others will put things together
And call it the universe.

God is love God is great
Let us call Him by that name.
Jesus Christ Son of the living God.
Who would you be with no name at all. Nah!


Esau! Esau? Yes Jacob.
I’ve found the House of God of our inheritance.
Esau! Esau? Yes Jacob.
It’s a place prepared of them in Bethel.
We have all lost our birth rite and is in need of Jesus. If you look you will find.

Benefactors Of God

Benefactors of God.
There is so much more to the bible than we acknowledge. Likewise there is more to God than we worship Him for.
We glamorize the message of a pie in the sky neglecting to recognize all the other benefits of God. For example:
At times a benefit of God is that we simply make our regular visit to the doctor and to church obeying every word that they say.
Imagine the millions that would benefit.

Danger Seen & Unseen

Danger Seen and Unseen.
I woke this morning and did my usual prayer. A presence of mind says to pray more earnestly, so I did.
Went to work with a slight rain on my car. The weather man says thirty percent now and Sixty later in the day.
Work went well today. I had a lot to do in eight hours but I was determined not to work overtime.
Sure enough that sixty percent turned out to be a hundred with visibility less that a block. Wipers working good, tires tracking good and I’ve got confidence that my twelve year old, bought and paid for Grand Prix can handle the road. Normally I drive the free way, but as I was about to enter it I notice that it was congested. A presence of mind says ‘ don’t go that way but I thought to myself. My car can make it just fine. Nevertheless I decided to drive inner city.
It was really storming out. I griped the steering wheel as my car splashed its way home. Pools of water streaming from my tires. I even passed two cars doing a whopping thirty- five miles per hour in a fifty mile per hour zone. Firmly seated in my bucket seats,I can sense my tires as my inboard computer self adjust to control traction. My hands claps the wheel carefully in the two O’clock position. Only two more lights and I’ll make that left into my gate. I must admit I was a little apprehensive due to the heavy down pour.
The interesting thing is, as soon as I made the turn for home I lost my power steering. I had to tug really hard to recover from my turn. Now I wonder? Had I taken the faster route. Would I have created an accident in this storm?
I made it home just fine. For some unforeseen reason my fan belt slipped off the engine. It didn’t break which is the usual reason for a loss of power steering. That extra moment of prayer covered my day. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The law of Love

Revelation knowledge
By the inspiration of God men wrote the word of God. Transcending their feelings and law they learned God. All the while obeying the law of love without violating the truth of scripture. Never compromise the knowledge of the Word for the feelings of our emotions.
On an emotion scale truth and lie feels the same way. Discernment of them is a back drop of the written Word of God.
The way we feel now is not a compass to who we are. To deny ourselves for the truth of God embraces the Word of God above our own feelings. How can the created man judge the bible and his creator based on his own feelings? Such a person does not regard God and the knowledge of His Word. It is the age old lie of judging God based on our own knowledge of Good and Evil. Often times to satisfy ourselves we get high on our sense of being. Like Adam and Eve we are drawn away by our own lust from harmony with God. So Christ came and as the Word made flesh, fulfilled the law of Love. Let’s not forget the love of the law. GB


Love your enemy as yourself.

It is believed that God sent His Son Jesus from heaven even to the grave. In so doing He raised the standard of life among us, broadcasting that faith in Him is the standard for life.
Who is my enemy and who will save me? I am my own worst enemy. The Lord strong and mighty King of glory will save me from myself.
Time is a sacred thing, measured by a scared universe, which is sustained by our sacred Savior. We should protect our heart as He does His creation.
Carnally I am an enemy of God. When the enemy comes like a flood the standard is raised, and I am humbled. Who is my enemy? The Lord strong and mighty who saves me from myself. Let’s not think of ourselves more highly than we should.
There is only one good and that is God the Father who sent us His Son Jesus Christ to save believers from hell. Where our worms don’t die.
It is difficult for a rich person to enter into the joy and peace of heaven. Because by our own standard most will say in their heart, who is God?
We are all guilty of such merchandizing and suffer the righteous indignation of God. As it is written, ‘a rich man’s poverty is a poor man’s lack. ‘The poor will always be with us.’ Anyway, the kingdom of heaven is not meat or drink but it is joy and peace in the Holy Ghost.



Look at your reflection and see yourself in a broader view.
D-on’t N-urture A-rrogance.
There stand the ones who live and die to cast you there.
The path of righteousness leads to and from Christ who is the beginning and and the end.
From Adam to Jesus Jesus to you reflects the linage of God’s path of righteous souls.
If I entertains all the negative thoughts in my head. They would reward me with hell to pay.
On the other hand, if I never accomplished all the good I intended. Heaven still credits my name in the Book of The Lamb.


Forgive & Remember No More

(70 *7)
Please forgive me I’m sorry, I really am.
Forgiveness is the way to bond with each other.
Everyone needs to forgive and be forgiven.
Like the story of Joseph who wanted so desperately to reconnect with his brothers,
he forgave them for selling him into slavery.
God so desperately wants to reconnect with us,
He forgave our sins through the blood of Jesus.
Who for the good measure fulfilling scripture was baptized by John,
for the forgiveness of sin.
Seeing that Christ who became guilty for our sins sought forgiveness through baptism,
shouldn’t we forgive and be forgiven? I say yea, 70*7.
Baptism in water alone won’t suffice to connect with God.
The accepting and surrendering to Jesus will. 70*7

I’m Walking on Water.

Walking on Water

The best things are almost free

by the cross of Calvary.

Paid in full for you and for me.

If you are wondering how it is that a person can walk in spirit? You already are.

Keep asking and walking.

Every now and then reflect back and see how far you have come.

Walking on water.

Life is a beautiful thing when it is finger painted by God.

Your life is  are a work of art.

There is no one like you in all the world.

The world would not be complete without you in it.


Is pain is a sensation that tells our bodies are in danger? Is sadness our minds way of warning our soul of coming danger? design to protect us from ourselves. Do the word we speak rule our souls?
The next time you hear the phrase ‘Oh God’ or someone scream Jesus Christ,'(or even blankidy blank) take note. The words we say are a god unto ourselves in the unseen world. Be it good or bad we are subjected to our words.
Is my eye a window to my soul and a kiss the signature of my hearts? Words are empowered to reveal our heart. That’s not so original, we know what we hear and say what we believe to be true. I’m honored and accountable for every word I say. Be it good bad or just idle chatter. If I could? I would tag this with God by definition. Looking with my eyes I see more than I understand and in my spirit I understand more than I can explain.
The thing we wish to do for Christ in this world must come from His church. We often take the gospel in our own hands in the name of truth and revelation. But when we arise for Christ, like a fad across nations, the world will identify us with the Son of God. Till then we preach and teach and at times grow weary. Taking matters on our own, we create ministries and slogans to match. Murmuring an complaining as though God has prolong His return.
The gospel is a two edge sword equally necessary that the righteous accept Christ and the unrighteous reject Him. There is no other way except the way of the cross. Christ Himself wondered at a possible alternative. He said, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me? The rest is history.

Are We Ready Yet?

Come out from among them and go into all the world. Whatever your understanding of God, this statement is universally preached by every faith. Even by them who have little or no faith at all.
Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will …
So you became a believer and in your excitement, gave up your world to non so called believers. Condemnation became your new calling card, and you made sure everyone got one.
But the seed planted is a seed tendered. Cultivated in traditions that separates and quarantines healthy Christian from the eyes of a world in need godly exposure.
Now you realize that everywhere you go the world is there. In our foolish attempt to come out in the flesh, only to find that even when we are alone, the god of this world is ever present. Tempting and prodding us to become closet Christians or a non professing believer with patronizing words. Any attempt to live with God in the world raises our blood pressure and heart rate to peek levels. It’s easy to look and be a Christian in the protective custody of like minded people. It takes a real relationship with The Word of God to live in the world and not be of it. Are you ready yet?

Global Warming

God Help Us All
Is the effect of global warming the effect of world pollution or is it the result of violating the chapter of Leviticus chapter 18.
We are all so intoxicated searching for happiness we are blind to the effect violating the advice of Leviticus 18.
As the standards of law is challenge the integrity of the godly will rise.
Institutions will rise up to quarantine the lawless as we navigate the straight and narrow against the broad way to destruction.
God help us all

Crossing Over

This life it’s not warm and cozy.
Like a candle’s glow from a flickering flame.
It’s as cold as the universe and hot like hell.
It’s like slow moving lava creeping under ground.
It’s the blast of an overnight sensation A flash of lightning
surfacing the planet with tributes of Hell.
But on the revelation of Jesus Christ,
We are moving steady.
Steady and there she goes.
Before and beyond the bands of religion.
Nestled in the stars beyond comprehension.
Abraham’s searched a nomadic few.
To the Deliverer’s Cross for the whole crew.
That flickering flame of a consuming fire.
Jesus came and took us
As the four winds blow in every direction.
Blow that trumpet in every nation.
To the bridge we are Crossing over.
No glory in a woman
No glory in a man
To the bridge we crossing over. GB

Runner up’s

John the Baptist came before Jesus to affect change in the world.
Christ came before the church to affect change in the world.
The internet came before the perfected body of Christ and is affecting change in the world.
Let’s get connected so that the world will Know that we are all that we are a people of God.
Surrender your head to the headship of Jesus Christ.
Crucify your flesh to a spiritual awakening in Christ.
Go in to all the world and publish the gospel.
Get connected to each other at the speed of Light in holiness.
Without holiness no man will see God.
We are the Light of the world, runner up to Jesus Christ Himself.

A so we dance so we free

Fight on
We are here today
gone tomorrow
Like blowing dust in the wind
A so I dance asowe we free.

I worship the man of my flesh and bone.
Lord know’s how he persecute me.
I worship in a Spirit tried and true.
A so we dance a so we free.
We are spirit tried and true.

Projecting thy will
Oh Lord my God.
Cause it is you that I pool from.
The the great I am.

From dust I am
And to dust I return
Here today and gone tomorrow.
Sowe dance asowe free.
Son of man will you dance with me.
You are The I am that I am
And I worship you in spirit.
As the story goes oh righteous man in his time.
We are righteous in our time.
Evel without yet righteous within.
A warrior’s gate between heaven and hell,
The Devil without and Jesus within.
Like two sides of a coin paying dues.
But the gates of hell will not prevail
Because greater is He than is within
than he that is without.
There is a battle raging in my heart.
The battle is won
my soul is save
Still I must fight for my place in the promise land.
There are times when we are week
But glory be to God
He won the war
My soul is saved.
Fight on till you reach the promise land
The battle might be hard
The battle might be long
But rest assured the war is won. Repeat

Hell No!

Hell No! 

While we establish our churches on the rock of Jesus,

Jesus said that on the knowledge of Knowing Him by the revelation of God The Father He will build His church.

And the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

That is you and that is me,

But who are we to boast.

We are proactive by confessing with integrity that Jesus is The Christ Son of the Living God.

That is you and that is me.

But who are we to boast.

We can build our steeples to be seen for miles.

We can draft bylaws to segregate ourselves.

But not until it becomes a saint to confess that Jesus is  The Christ, The Son of The living God.

Until then Hell will enlarge itself on the Bodies of great men.

We measure our success on the affluences of the rich,

Who persecute and enslave us.

But the church that Jesus builds we measure not

for the humbleness of our God.

There is no census to measure the statue of this Man.

Through Christ we accomplish much more that money could buy,

the merchandise of His Spirit  is more than silver or gold.

We have the authority of a mighty angel,

To declare things not as though they were.

It’s no secret anymore, of what our Father has in store.

In all that they do comes to nothing,

except where there is advantage for the workings of God.

Let our prayers be heard from within our doors, where the gate of Hell has invaded.

Let our worship be whispered in the most unlikely places, where Hell is broadcast.

Let our love for God and each other be reveled in our conversations, one to another.

And the gates of Hell will not prevail. GB


Matthew 16:15-19 the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

New International Version (NIV)

15 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

16 Simon Peter answered, “You a

onah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. 18 And I tell you that you are Peter,[a] and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades[b] will not overcome it. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be[c] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be[d] loosed in heaven.”

Evangelism required.

Before we experience revival we need to evangelize our churches.
Forty days after the resurrection Jesus walked among the people showing Himself. Prior to His death he lived for thirty-three years preparing for that death, burial and resurrection.
If we were to die and be resurrected, would we do the same? If we die to Him we now live in Him. Let’s show ourselves projecting a resurrected Christ to the world. This is the single most important purpose for every believer. By the example of the resurrected Christ, evangelism is the only option.

By example of Jesus appearing to many of His followers proves that even Christians needs to be evangelized. The gospel is making appearances in all forms of media, and that’s very good. Unfortunately here there is no touching of the Body Of Christ to handle Him. In our tents of meetings we have substituted ourselves for well promoted productions on stage. I truly enjoy the talents that appears From our stages, but I miss the handeling of The Body Of Christ. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but it appears to be in hiding or too spiritual to be seen globally. While we wait for His appearance globally let every believer show Him globally by example of the forty days Christ showed Himself before departing.

◄ 2 Timothy 4:5 ►

Genesis 4:10
Genesis 4:10
If God heard the blood of Able crying out from the ground. How much more the blood of Jesus. Lets not forget the cross and all it’s benefits. Let evil be evil and good be good until the time of separation. There is no middle ground between good and evil. Only the blood of Jesus.

I became interested in music as a child watching my father play his steel guitar. He brought it back from Florida then I began teaching myself to play it. Since then the guitar has been a close companion absorbing all my spare time. Considering that I played every chance I get, maybe it’s the other way around. My home is still filled with music.
Not long ago I clicked on my daughter’s voice note and was blessed to here her personalize a version to one of my songs.
St. Elizabeth Jamaica.
It is late afternoon and the birds are settling in for the night. The road is still warm to my feet from the blistering heat. A lone happy hour patron sips on a Red Stripe. It won’t be long now.  This little town square will be the center of attraction. The locals will compete to prove their hand with a deck of cards or on the pool table. It’s been a long time, but I remember well my childhood home in Newell, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica WI. My father, the Tailor, played the Steel Guitar.  Cepheus, the Shoemaker, played the Banjo, and Jakie, the Farmer, played acoustic, and me on air guitar. I was such a happy lad.

It was there and then, I began learning guitar. I was a promising student in English and a model student in Math. Then I added a music workshop outfitted with guitars and pianos. My music teacher was impressed with how I played my father’s steel guitar, a positive reinforcement that was to influence the rest of my life.

Music is to be heard anywhere at any time. As a musician, my own life is enriched with playing, writing and producing music. I have never heard anyone express their disdain for music. I want to breach the barriers of hate with music. Right now Reggae is the best way to describe my style of music. Reggae offers me the vantage point to meet and greet all styles of musical expression. With today’s technology, I can’t imagine what will emerge and be lasting. I believe the guitar will be the continued superstar. Guitar players will continue to break the sound barrier, and reflect the generation much like the Beatles. Not forgetting all the other greats, and all the unsung heroes that influence them. There are many artists that I admire. Bob Marley is my number one. Besides being a master in reggae music, life in all its twists and turns embrace him. He was hot or he was cold, whatever one’s opinion might be, he was not a placid performer.

I began my ambition for music as my father and his friends played the bars, and I watched from afar. I have played the clubs a time or two, but never until I played in the spirit of God did I feel what I saw as my father played that old steel guitar. Life is filled with twists and turns, but God watches us all. I hope this project will be the release of all the inspiration and aspiration my soul has to offer musically. GB

Brooklyn New York.
Thanks for visiting my page, I’m glad you are here. Say what you think about, and download if you do. If you don’t like, tell me. I would like to know.
All the instrument are played by me with a GR30. A GNX1 guitar Processor.The drum tracks were done with a idm02. The recording is with a Tascam 2488 neo. The guitar is a Rockwood Pro.
I’m completely self taught on the use of all this equipment, writing and producing as ago. All this for less than $1500. An avid bargain hunter but as for my experience in reggae music I’m priceless, simply confounding to the wise and prudent.
I remember my first plane flight from Jamaica to Queens New York. From warm and sunny Jamaica to the blistering January winter in Brooklyn New York. From my window seat the city lights were like flying above the stars. On the ground I left the airport with my head hanging out the car window. My ears was so cold but I always drive with my head out the window. I thought that after a few miles the wind would warm up. Mom have me some ear muffs and globes and dropped me off at Winthrop Junior High in the year 1975 in the dead of winter.
In less than a week I was enrolled in school. You could say I hit the ground running. In a culture shock I went from Junior High to college in four years. That was until I used my college grant to buy a Gibson Les Paul from Sam Ash in Manhattan. With that I played the reggae clubs some of Jamaica’s reggae finest. There I met the most attractive girl I’ve ever seen and got married in 1985.
For the first time in life music took a back seat in my heart. Now I have a wife three children and a Sunburst Les Paul Gibson Guitar and Living in Tennessee USA. The land of The Blues and Country music. No one I met there has ever heard of reggae or Bob Marley. Everybody wanted to know where I’m from and how I learned to play that Island style music. I’m from Jamaica I replied, that’s how we rock. I never did fit in the Bible Belt of Cleveland or Memphis, but it’s all good. I sponsored a gospel reggae concert with Newly converted Dobby Dobson as the head liner. I financed it with cd’s I recorded and sold to my co-workers and church friends. By now the kids are all grown up and I had already pawned my Sunburst Gibson Les Paul for a trip to my father’a funeral in Brooklyn New York. If you don’t find this very interesting musically, stay tuned it get’s more main stream.

It’s by accident I came across Songcast. The process was so easy to upload and distribute. Before I knew what I was doing I started clicking away on my iPhone. Who know’s I just might buy another Gibson Les Paul. That darn thing is so heavy I’ll have to sit when I play. Maybe I’ll get that one Bob Marley used. In the future indie music might ask more of me. It’s all good, God is good. Whatever I’ve given up for the love of God will be returned many times over. And if not It was fun.


Walking Down The Avenue
Walking down on the avenue,

see the blind one selling roses.

A panhandler with a master degree,

top ten in the class of ninety nine.

No need to worry about the youth on the corner,

cause the money in your pocket is a replica.

We’ve buried the last of Hitler’s regime,

and the Jews all rally around Israel.

Saints in the sky in quiet serene

on a back drop rumble of an A train.

Walking down on the Avenue

See the blind one selling roses.

There is no need for retaliation

this is just an observation.

Man and man a look for peace

anyway to get some release.

With a chip on your shoulder and a chip in your hand

Walking on the Avenue.

I can’t find no peace
in this new age religion.

Gone are the praises in this vision.

I hear the old ones cry out from their hiding place

As they look to the sky for a good day to die.
Walking down on life’s freeway
I remember the vision of the Black Man.
From Africa to America and all the regions throughout the Caribbean.
In a blood sweat and tears in harmony to overcome Martin Luther lamented his vision.
Music identifies the times of life as time creates music that stays in our hearts.
Born in Jamaica now living in Memphis Tennessee, Gairey Blake aspires to be what God has made him to be. A singer singer writer influenced in time by the Word of God.