Mystic Air

This morning I woke up in Amazon curfew reading Tweeter. Yahoo said the Messenger. Tic Tok says the clock. FaceTime FaceBook MySpace in the Cloud.

American Eagle fly sky high above Russian Bear looking for war crimes in China Town.

Shhh! said the Crown. The Orthodox are at it again.

Seeing is believing is a godly report. Never seen a nuclear bomb but we believe the strategy of war and peace.

You Crane a city brand new. With literal bombs remove and replace a model for the Times.

No excavating necessary going forward. Evacuated refugees on a one way trip around the world.

Solar Energy powered Wind Turbine reports Fresh Air by design. Crafty gangs from East to West where money is endangered but the evil remains.

General Saul renamed the Apostle Paul declared, I preached Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Cut the chase this race is not for the swift but for who endured till the end. The End.


Mystery Cloud

A fire is kindled without friction cooks a three tier meal in addition, everyday for the rest of our lives. This a play on words spoken in good spirits to the wise. No one lives by bread alone but by every word spoken by God. By God alone.

The Christ man in Bible days said, the Holy Ghost will come to you after I’m gone, tarry for Him. …..9 After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight…. He will return again in the cloud, said the message of salvation and the church answered, even so come Lord Jesus.

Today this message is repeated by a digital platform saved in the cloud. The worlds declared, now that’s an idea that finally make sense. So we all bought in for a price. Not realizing that the words of the Antichrist is saved in the cloud and the understanding of Christ is not cloud based. Not very original is it? There is a message is in the Word for the hearer and nothing to see for the blinded eyes of a relevant man.



Whatever the circumstance I make no apology for my dependency on God and the grace of God.

God make my dependency on grace.

Circumstance of God depends on grace.

I make my dependency on God.

I make God my dependency.

God is my dependency.

My circumstance depends on the grace of God.

My circumstance depends on God’s grace.

My dependency is the grace of God.

My dependency is God.

God make grace my dependency.

I make no dependency on the grace of God. (whatever!)

God’s Eye

There is something magical about the eyes. You can imagine the world and never see the eyes of someone standing before you. Those eyes of many colors is said to be the window to our souls.

All things are possible by first believing that it is possible. For us the possibilities are limitless in God. If you can think it, it is possible. If you can imagine a thing it is as real as you are. If you can’t it’s because you can’t see as well as someone else can. I spy, what do you spy? I spy the Father in the person of Jesus, can you? As we believe and see Jesus the Son of God we also also believe and see God our Father in the person of His Son as well.

Jesus answered: “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?

Many times I look upon the face of the blue sky and the green valley below and wonder to myself. There is so much more here that I can’t begin to imagine. Things I see but I can’t hear. Things I hear but I can’t see. I was like unto a dead man walking the plank on the face of the waters until God said, let there be light and now we can see beyond the vail of the temples. Gairey

The Window of my soul

Artificial Ambitions

Adam, Eve and their family were much more advance than we are with today’s tech. They are the gods in the Earth. That’s a very high calling not to be reckless with. The knowledge of good and evil to us humans is as a fish living in the polluted universe, so vast and unexplored. …. all creation, gazing eagerly as if with outstretched neck, is waiting and longing to see the manifestation of the sons of God. ……Some survivors will live until the waters are clean again. Imagine that you were a fish, the ocean was your universe and humans were in control. Debating among ourselves what’s good and what is evil.

Then because you being god so love the ocean you became a fish to ensure that the ocean is saved from the judgement of the knowledge of good and evil. A comparison that is artificial in nature. Then you would be Jesus and I would be as a small fish, saved from a future worse than death and hot as Hell.

Like children far removed from our God we blame God by blaming among each other. Surviving only to prove God wrong for creating an image of Himself in us. It was Eve who was named to be the mother of all living. Adam dropped the ball which leads to the ambitious yet still artificial way of thinking outside of paradise.


A man play’s fetch with his dog on the shore line. Feeling safe and secure beneath the storm clouds above the waves.