Eulogy Of A God Man a

             The Eulogy Of A God Man                                
John 1:39-41Worldwide English (New Testament) (WE)

39 Jesus said, `Come and see.’ They went and saw the place where Jesus was staying. The time was about four o’clock in the afternoon. They stayed with Jesus the rest of the day.

40 Andrew was one of those two followers of John who heard John speak and went after Jesus. He was Simon Peter’s brother.

41 The first thing Andrew did then was to find his brother Simon. He said, `We have found the Messiah!’ (Messiah means the Christ, the messenger of God.)

                                           Beyond Fear
Love is obvious when life is cold and iniquity abounds. 

Like points of light in the darkest night.

” Now the law came in so that the transgression may increase, but where sin increased, grace multiplied all the more,”
When we’ve suffered the truth of the gospel and life is filled in with forgiveness, we say that love is visualized by compassion.

Life is cold when we foster indifference. Emphasizing the possessed to overlook the subtlety of our own lies. 

Pretending to know no sin, all the while accusing the business of God who make things happen.
19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?
Everyone has gone there own way and Jesus stands in the gap. 

Stretched on a cross in agony for the world.

The possibilities of war dominates the news when men tremble of their insightful end.

Our leaders are confused by the prophesy of nation against nation.

And in the beginnings of sorrows, the bishops have chosen 

Love is kind and a kiss is far reaching,

When eyes meet and a smile is breached,

Beyond a momentary frown our hearts are warmed,

to see each other beyond the fear.
I am yours and you are mine

When the God within is the terror to fear.

The devil knows and is traumatized by the ignorance that hastens us to a certain end.
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
The good we do is a signet of God that endures to the end.
            Blind And See, Hear And Deaf

If you are in fact the church then show yourself. We know that the gates of Hell will not prevail against you, I ask in ignorance of the spirit and in the presence of God. Lord knows that I don’t intend to be impertinent or grievous but there are many disquieted souls expecting more from the church
Have you been so long with me and you say that you don’t see the Church? If you can’t see natural things then how can you see spirits and principalities in wicked and high places that oppose us. They do not oppose themselves because they know that a house divided will not stand.

Jesus said that when you see Me you see the Father. Understanding by similarity that when we hear the Word we see the church. When we see the Church we should hear Jesus because he is the glory of it. Jesus said that He is the Word who made all things. That very same Word is building the Church and He refers to it as His body. No one can claim that status except by way of The Holy Spirit. When we can hear the Word we can see the Church. No matter how grand we think of our place of worship and our position there, it cannot contain the church. Anymore than this universe can contain God. We see with our eyes but not clearly enough to see God, no man can see God and live. But when we believe we see more clearly into His Word. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word is God. Teach a man to fish and he will live of it. Teach a man how to hear the Word of God then he will see God and live.
Before we can see the things oh heaven we must first be able hear them. Adam said to God, ‘I heard you walking in the Garden and hid myself because I was naked. The conversation went on to review that they became self conscious in contrast to God or naked as we know it. To that I say come out from wherever you are and show yourself. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. We must be heard to be seen.

Before we can see the church we must be able to hear it roaring like a mighty rushing wind speaking the words of Jesus. Roaring love like a lion flushing out its prey. Those words are not our words, they are the words of The Fathers and when we hear it the world will wonder in torment.

 God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit becomes visible to us as The Church. It is a better testimony to hear And see God in the spirit than to hear him audible with you ears and see Him as a man or an angel of the Lord. Our New Testament is the fulfillment in the spirit of the Word of God. As we cannot see the wind with our eyes but we do see and hear the things blowing in it. We the church can not be contained within walls anymore than that God can be contained within His creation. Yet we look for them within confined spaces. The good we do in the name of Jesus is the visible church. We see each other but until we examine the fruit of our labor the church is made known. Identified only by our confessions that Jesus is the head of our lives and the love we have one for the other.

The church is being built up in God at the revelation that Jesus is The Son Of God. Still under construction because many believe but is yet to confess Him or to love each other.. To believe in Christ is not a casual encounter. It is a life changer that convicts with a heavy pounding of our evil hearts. He is not an unknown God among gods although we treat Him as such. In the glory of His presence we behave as if His Holy Spirit is not among us.
As the spirit of the antichrist is gone out into the world, the Church follows in combat. Taking back only what was stolen. Calling believers who are unashamed to profess that he is our salvation in the world. Jesus said that if you can’t believe me for love, then believe for the work that He does. Our fight among ourselves is nothing less than warfare in the construction of the Church. Taking us out of this world those who are not of this world. Known not by our heritage but for our belief by faith in the Word who makes us free.
We know the effect of nonviolence in a civil rights movement and how powerful a statement it makes. Staying the hand of our enemies against a frontal attack only to see them regroup behind the civil laws. Fighting long and drawn out battles in our courts to remove the law of God from our conscience. Moving heaven and earth at will as we have a right to do. There too we can see the Church of the living God. Tried and convicted to appease the riotous manner of a few. Disrupting the complacency of our spirits, to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus.
Creation is set in the heavens like a potters wheel synchronizing time according to God’s will. Declaring God is not bound by time. Everything works to His council and fits into His will. His will is our schedule to work while it is day because the night is coming when our work will end in the fullness of time. We should know that the church is to seek out its own like a herder of sheep in a world of wolves. 

Walking through the valley and shadow of death unafraid of evil or the wrath of God. Harvesting souls into the kingdom of God as the harvest is plenty and the laborers are few. Institutionalizing in our minds to the order of mortal men. 

There are many of us whose vocation is to build up the kingdom of heaven without and within the walls. Anointed from our places of worship to express our gifts where the gates of hell will not prevail. ….So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers,…. we not all there yet but that does not reduce the identity of The Church.

The spirit of the antichrist is in the world but Jesus said not to be afraid because He has overcome the world. Listen carefully, every time we hear that The Son Of God did not come in the flesh or as a man crucified for the sins of the world, take notice because there we are confronted by evil.


                      Where’s Jesus At

The third temple is not the only prophetic sign of the Messiah’s return. There is another one more relevant to the Church. By the parable of the ten sleeping virgins and the voice that says it’s time to wake up Jesus is coming. When the bridegroom was delayed, we all became drowsy and fell asleep. Walking about with no conscience for the Word. Proclaiming things that are wrong as though they are right. Judging God according to our own sense of pride.
There is a lot of talk about the day and the hour “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows. 

We say that Jesus was delayed because we think that He should have been here already. It’s like waiting for the last bus that did not show up on time. So we keep looking expectingly wondering. Should I keep waiting, start walking or return home? Predicting the times and seasons for reasons that The Father have reserved for Himself. Traveling around like sleep walkers and then “At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him! 

We all have a lamp to brighten the night but not everyone have enough oil to light it. Speaking words without the Spirit who searches the things of the spirit. Refusing to watch and pray we seek out preachers for hire. Babbling in a drunken rage they mock God by the word of a wounded soul. Forgetting God and His Christ we preach out of time in concert with ourselves. Exchanging gifts that bears no fruit they remain unknown, ‘depart from me I never knew you.’ echoed in their ears.

Sure the end is near, nearer that before as Israel is gathered in one place. Ready to rebuild the temple on a divided hill between two nations. But the age of grace lingers on for that soul to save. 
                  The Age Of A Man

The weakness of God is stronger than man and the power of the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Hell is a place prepared for the devilish angels. Where as each place in heaven is uniquely design to the body of Christ for the bride of Christ. On our very best days we stroll the corridors of hell in a compromised position. Some wretched and lost without hope and the rest of us clings on to the promises of God. Some days are good and some bad making us vulnerable to the powers that be. Confused at best we walk the path to righteousness. Because who in their right mind would ever believe for the glory of a man except by faith in the Son of Man.
 There is no other creature in all the world that is privilege to be born again unto God.

We search to find God as we understand Him to be. Fully confident in our many beliefs and is dissatisfied in our worship. Eyes have not seen or ears hears what God has prepared heaven and in hell.
Dress in sacred garments that criticize the cross and casting stones we assemble ourselves as the heathen rage and the people imagine vain things. Against us who is not controlled by sin but have responded to Christ who died instead and rose from the dead. 
Lord is it I,? we ask condemned by conscience. Beholding our own face, we kiss our own lips. Lord is it you or is there another. The spirit searches the things of the spirit. For it is better to be maimed in body that to die never knowing that the blind now see and the deaf now hears. The lame walks and broken hearts are mended. Here and now in the age of Babylon grace stand perfect in the name of Jesus.

       ‘But For The Grace Of God Goes I’ 

John Bradley 1510-1555. John Bradley is said to have coined this phrase, ‘ But for the grace of God Goes I.’ If history is true, he compared himself to others who are enslave by sin.  

Brother John was burned at the stakes for crimes against Queen Mary The First other wise known as ‘Bloody Mary’ whose successor was Queen Elizabeth The First. They were all fighting for the power. The god of this world is a position reserved for liars, thieves and murderers. 

Jesus said at His own trial, the only power Herod had over Him is that which was allocated to him by God. Having mercy on whosoever He will.

Jesus answered, “Thou couldest have no power at all against Me, unless it were given thee from above. Therefore he that delivered Me unto thee hath the greater sin.”

Necessary was it for Him to die for the sins of the world in Subjection to the Law of God and man. His gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Fighting against spirit and principalities in wicked and high places. But for the grace of God no flesh is spared. The God in us all is greater than the god of this world. Establishing among us the gospel and the power of salvation.
Satan himself wants the worship of a man. Creating for himself the antichrist whose spirit is already in the world. 

Imagine a place so damed, hot and lonely. Void to the colors of love, full of darkness and hate. Where demons rule in torment at the sight of Christ, having nothing to do with Jesus, Son of the living God.
“For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.” Till this day we can still hear ‘But For The Grace Of God Goes 

Believers are not afraid to engage the World because Jesus has overcome the World. 

We are steadfast and aiming from the cross.

Judging not, least we be judged. 

Not by the color of skin,

Or even the content of a character,

But by ever word the comes from the mouth of God.

Knowing that as believers The Church is justified in God through Jesus.. 

All the works of man are like a germ infested rag on a clean table.

But when we abide under the shadow of the Almighty, 

Subjected to Him who controls time and all the host of heaven, we are strong. 

When we rejoice in the Lord, our strength is renewed. 

When we are forgiven for many sins, 

we have more reasons to love God, people and even ourselves. 

God The Father doesn’t recognize any fault that is forgiven in the works of Jesus, and the work of His hands.  

‘But for the grace of God goes I.’