U go God.

‘Wake up and smell the coffee’
Today we stopped by Jiffy Lube for an oil change. There we met a six year old little boy.
He went over to the coffee dispenser, peeked in and smell the coffee. My first thought was where is his mother. Next to the coffee sat a lady, wife of a fireman. She had an expression I interpreted as, Oh no this is my day off. An oil change is all I’m here for. Wasn’t long something kicked in and she was up closing doors and monitoring like a school teacher. Turned out she is. She was asking the boy question, like how big is your class? To which he replied, very big.
The entrance door was propped open because the handle had issues. I know this because in less than ten minutes this little boy ripped it off. I’m sure he was just trying to close the door. The attendant tried to hitched it back then he politely said, I better put this away before someone gets hurt. Thinking to myself, I said that’s a good idea.
By this time the child had already tried twice to play with my phone. I clutching on to my clip board, I said hold on a second son, Im trying to find a coupon. Wasn’t long he and the three of us were like family. Cleverly we able to find out where he went to school, his name and who he came with. I said cleverly because this child dominated the room. He moved everything movable, opened every locked door and wanted to know why is there a net under the car. He grabbed hold of a clipped board and requested that everyone pretended to sign their names on it.
Right about then his uncle came in and said, I’m glad he found someone to talk with. Searching our eyes as if he was expecting the usual annoyance then he left the room.
Turned out the kid was on good company. In the room was a professional psychologist, a school teacher and an X pastor, if there is such a thing. The manager handed me the clip board to sign for the oil change. As I was preoccupied with the bill my wife told me that the young man had clutched our elbows and a announced that we are married. On leaving the little boy held the door and said, I’m going to miss you. My heart sank within me and I said, my name is Gairey I’ll miss you too. Recalling a popular phrase I’ve heard so many times. ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’
The world wants to go viral but with God two or three is all we need to shake things up. I’ll always remember this little six year old because of the thing he has reminded me of. To allow the little children because of such is the kingdom of heaven. You go God.



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