‘Like It Or Not’

Everyone serves a purpose. Like it or not, there are no unplanned pregnancies from God’s perspective. There are only forgotten duties that leads to misguide decisions by everyone.
Like it or not, anyone who serves God and keep His commandments serves a purpose irregardless of the road we travelled. The future is hopeful when we remember the past and see that God is aliened within it. Like it or not we are all judged for the good and the evil we even so much as think of. Take every thought in subjection of Christ. Christ meaning Him who is able to forgive is our sins.
If you had to walk in my shoes you might be lost. If I had to live you life I might be lost. In conclusion love God and keep His commandments the best way you can because in your judgement God will not compare us together. He will compare us to Him who is full of grace and mercy. That feared and dreadful name of Jesus who the world rejects.
Him who being Jewish kept the law and fulfilled the law by living it. There has never been or will ever be another man as Jesus who sits in the judgement seat of God. Like it or not.


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