The Calling

Use to be when we engage someone about God we ask, were you baptized. Even as slaves baptism was an identifying process of the church. Traveling on the ignorance of our time as our leaders in governments attempt to do the good that is reserved for The church. Preaching the prosperity of a sacrificial life in the interest of financial security. 
Then later in the effort to build our local churches we ask, do you go to church? Or where do you go to church? An effort to identify ourselves by the leaders of our local church. Now look what we have a church on every corner. You go Jesus, stabilizing our world in the best interest of national security and the gates of hell will not prevail…..
Opening statements like that seldom goes on to introducing a relationship with God. Jesus Christ and Him crucified is the power of God that leads to salvation.
I will never forget my own baptism so simple and nerve rocking. I was so nervous all wet and dressed in white. I could hardly speak as if I was waiting for someone else to speak for me. My dear pastor had to finish my statement. He might have been trying to expedite his time but he said exactly what I was thinking. ‘It’s not what I can do but what God has done.’
Many years later the Lord impressed in me that ‘the good I seek to do must come from the church.’ Since then I’ve served as a musician, a youth leader, a pastor. Looking for myself in the place where all the good I do must be. 

Many years later I found it where it has always been.
I am impressed to remember my past and all the christians who have been good to me and my family. Such a cloud of people from all walks of life and there the church is. All the non christians who have been good to me and there is Jesus doing what He does best as a friend of sinners. Now I look around and hear the words of so many preachers proclaiming the Words and interest of God. There she is again in the construction of a city on a hill not made by human hands. Popping up like a family of dolphins cruising in shallow waters. Being molded to perfection in the hand of Jesus as He said He would. 

Here also I look for her tomorrow with non judgmental eyes. Shining like a light for the good of all mankind. Saying come unto to me all who are burdened down with the cares of this life and find rest. Personalized by baptism in a local church with a pastor who believes in Jesus Christ. Unified in their calling on the name of the Lord.



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