Play Ball

                Let’s Play Ball,


Men in general are gods in the earth. If you consider yourself human you are and if you don’t you still are included.

We can not separate ourselves from our religion and politics because as god’s in the earth, we create them. We are the grand summery of our beliefs. Believe it or not, we all want to be like God. Sadly enough we argue on how to color our thoughts as we raise our IQ to superman standards. Scanning the universe to rise above the stars of God. 
We can take a clear jar of water, add our favorite coloring to it. Your favorite color is now walking on the face of that jar of water. That’s what God did when He began creating the universe. The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and said ‘let there be light.’ The earth and the heaven was void and without form until He gave it His marvelous light. After He created all that is, He made a man in His own image. Man and Woman created He them.


                   Locker Room 

I’m not a sports fan, I couldn’t carry a conversation about any game if you paid me.

If we met at a fellowship it wouldn’t take long to figure that out.

 Chatting with me about a ball game is like a bucket of ice on a hot planet. 

I’m not any good at breaking the ice with sports conversations, but I try to comply best I can. 

Nodding my head with a silly grin I’d embellish my conversations with comments like, have we come so far when our president can reference a sports figure as that son of a bitch in public ? For whatever the reason I’d say no but Trump can. 
Next thing you know I’m being preached to with as much vigor as a game play gone bad. In the confines of sports, I am as versed as a foot ball in the hands of a star athlete. Much like the democratic banner in the hands of a free man. Whose anthem is a song for all people.

The conversation among sports fans is like the last five minutes in a boxing match. Brawling until the bell rings. Everybody’s on their feet yelling at the same time about who and what is to be dominant. Embellished with words and point of views that is as morally trapping as fisherman’s net is to a fish. 
Like a giant locker room on steroids, sport provides an outlet for men with pent-up energies in a jar. We couldn’t throw a ball to save our life. But will bet five hundred on our favorite teem. In the face of all sorts of social issue. Race being the underline fight against ourselves.

                        Son Of A Bitch

This is a universally phrase in many languages use to summarize our general emotion toward someone. Not exactly a heavenly choice of words.
Is a major league player with an personal point of view a ‘son of a bitch’ or just a man with a point of view. Whose conversation is nothing more than his patriotic views. Cow Boys, Cardinals or whoever is playing ball.

                   The American Flag

If the American flag on our helmets could speak, it would yell from its position. Come on you sons a bitches, let’s play ball. You have the right to play as you see fit. Many have and will die for the privileges to live as god’s in the earth. What’s a banner for if not to represent citizens who established it. The banner of a country is as sacred to it as its religion, whatever that is. It is as defenseless as a football until someone skilled enough to uses it.

Civil rights and civil liberties is a game played out in an on an open field with consequences. It is a war game with issues as old as time. Brave men making a name for themselves. Afraid of nothing except the name of another man. Social injustice is still the greatest hurdle our great nation will conquer at tremendous odds.

Especially among men who’s in need of a healthy conversation in their war against the world. Come on you you son of a bitch, Let’s play ball. (Sorry reverend.)

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”



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