Walla is a word, implied without definition. If someone came up to you and said Walla, the response would likely be Walla what or Walla who? You feel me? Moses cast his rod before pharaoh and Walla it became a snake, God said let there be and Walla, there is. The angel spoke to the Virgin Mary about having a child and Walla Jesus was born. Etc. etc. etc.

Now this:

The Christian experience makes us the immigrants in this world. We are literally correct and spiritually advanced. Learning to drive and parallel park the car but as a pilot, parallel parking is pointless from this vantage point.

“And to the church (assembly) of the Firstborn who are registered [as citizens] in heaven, and to the God Who is Judge of all, and to the spirits of the righteous (the redeemed in heaven) who have been made perfect,”

— Hebrews 12:23

Belief is a powerful weapon where right and wrong together sets the standard until Jesus comes to rule the nations. Then and there preparations are made for the healing of the nations.

‘In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.’

Whatever that really means, one thing is for certain. The nations will be in need of a health care program and Walka the tree of life is sustainable.

John the Baptist came preaching repentance in Jesus name, he himself not entirely sure what repentance entails. He literally lost his head over it. Asking of Christ, is it you or should we be expecting another? It was like Walla, salvation passed right before his eyes.

By His stripes we are healed, secured with each lash of a whip. Not a very scientific process but as coals of fire on the head of the wicked one, Jesus though of us with each agonizing lash. The Cross of Jesus is the only way forward to the glory of heaven.

America is often referred to as an experiment. I would imagine our short history compared to that of other nations. An eye for an eye was the law of the land. Then to love our enemies and to do good to them is a Christian’s way.

Life is an experiment for the unthankful who will not enter heaven without repentance from both sides of the pew.

There is no heaven on earth except to promote a general sense of forgiveness by Jesus and Him crucified. There is no heaven on earth where there is no healing of the nation. If only the people would humbly pray and be the best we can in the eyes of God. No more and no less and then Walla the experiment is over. Tallied in the resurrection of the dead on both sides of the pew. Faster than we can say, Walla.





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