‘God’s Grace’

It’s stronger than the consequence of my sin…

All things are possible to them that believe. But to turn away from acting on that belief is of itself unforgivable to God but not unpardonable through Jesus Christ Son of God. The unborn baby is better off than the person who never repent and is baptized of water and the Spirit. Water might be scarce but the spirit is plentiful.

Some do crucify Christ afresh undoing everything God did before and after the cross. Like creation never happened. Everything written in the Old Testament and the bed rock foundation of the New Testament Apostles is fake news. We all know what it means to believe a lie.

Like believing that we shall not surly die and then we do the day we personally quench the Holy Spirit of God. Saying in our hearts that the works of grace is null and void like it never happened. Darkness rules the deep and the earth is void and without form. Him that knows right and personally does wrong to him that is sin. More so, if our conscience condemns our consciousness with God we are already condemned. The word of God brings faith to believe the truth we know sets us free. If the Son set us free we are free indeed.

Depart from me I know of you, but I never really knew you. The all knowing God knows everything except sin. Him who knew no sin became a man to save us from the man of sin. It’s like a hologram we experience it but it’s not really there, is it? So it is to refuses the grace of God and to reject the experiences of The Holy Spirit.

Then there are those who knows of Jesus but have never been baptized of the Holy Spirit. A form of doctrine that denies the power of God. They will always have the hope of salvation till death do us part.. Because,

how can anyone speak against a knowledge they never had or be guilty of a law they never knew to keep. Until a preacher comes along with the opportunity to hear the Word of God in every nation. That soul must make a conscious choice to believe and obey the gospel of Jesus and be saved from the consequence of sin now and ever after.

I wrote a song years ago and had my kids to perform at children’s church. The title is ‘God’s grace’ is stronger than the consequence of my sin. A very memorable line with a personal melody. Who knows what else the Holy Spirit might say to you?

‘Gods Grace’

1. They measured my status with fancy cars and with an abundance of pride we reach for the stars. With high dollar shoes we’ve trampled the ground. Now the land lay waist for grace to abound.

2. Two thousand years of grace versus sin. I have no accusations because Christ always win. Grace versus sin in my unmerited favor, I think it no robbery to call Him Jehovah.

3. Because God’s grace is stronger than the consequence of my sin.

Believers or not we can all sing that song to our own melody and experience the forgiveness of God.

I remember the youth pastor who’s now a senior pastor saying the song sang by my kids was very liberating and powerful. God bless.



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