Voices Of Prayer

In a crises everyone prays their own way no questions asked. Should I remove my hat, close my eyes, kneel to speak in a foreign language. Should I go on a pilgrimage to be heard in the land of the gods. Or can I come boldly to the throne of grace in the agreement of two or three, asking whatsoever we will.

Men of authority are men under authority with a commanding voice. They say jump and we ask, how high? So too is praying in the authority of the Son of God. His name is above all names. The authority to change an outcome is a prayer spoken in good faith.

Clasping hands the righteous prays against all odds. ‘Oh Lord my God forgive and deliver my soul from the consequences of sin. Your grace is stronger than the consequence of all that is not of you. Where there’s a predictable end let your grace abound in mercy.’ Amen

The science of a prayer is the result of words spoken in the name that is above ever name. Prayer changes the things when the sacrifice of praise becomes a battle cry to worship and the voice of a nations is heard in heaven.



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