Mystery Bride

That’s a good title for a movie as we go streaming through the channels of this life. If you have never seen the trailer, here is one.

We know the story of Adam and Eve quite well. That Adam was lonely but not alone. God knew something wasn’t good. His son had no one of his own. A good father knows best the needs of a good son. Therefore shall a man leave his mother and his father and cling his own flesh. Not quite so but yea so as Adam slept we too sleep. Heaven and Earth awaits the bride and bridegroom.

The linage of of God is familiar to the agony of sin and death. The sweat of the brow became as the blood in our veins. Father! He cried if there be any other way let this cup pass from me. Glorify Me again with the glory I had with you before the world was. I know that you here me. There was deathly quite like a deep sleep in the eye of a storm. Could you not tarry one hour with me in this transformation. Jesus concluded His own reply, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak in a deep sleep.

Like the blasting of a trumpet the angels sound. Wake up! get up, light your lamps. The bridegroom comes in the glory of the Son to claim His own. He is yours and they are His at the marriage supper of the lamb.

There was a tussle among the saint in light of God. Give me of your spirit We have none to see the way, the truth and the life. No! no! no! replied to the half of them. Go to the money changes and buy for yourself. But while they were gone the bridegroom came and the transfiguration was completed.

A match made in heaven for the wise and tribulations in the earth for the foolish. As it was declared that the best was saved for last because it tasted better. So as the first Adam slept and the second is awaken to the bride of Christ.



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