Abram’s Faith

Abram began his journey of Faith long before he was known as Abraham the father of Faith.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. He didn’t know that prior to his journey, how could he? He had not a man to teach him. Don’t expect a man to do what only the Holy Spirit can do. Sooner or later we will be entertained into idolatry.

The customs of Abram’s homeland challenged his mind. Typical of children withstanding the rhetorics of their paeanistic household. God called him to be the father of a new mode of worship. To exercise the confidence of having faith in God. Wherein the sacrifice of obedience is proven better than that of a rebellious disobedient life. A life that blasphemy the work of the Holy Spirit. Mending the worship of Cain and Able to that of prehistoric Adam before Eve was. How can we know that without the teaching of Jesus the Christ.

Suffering the equivalent of Alzheimer’s the world fell into decay. Rust and moss became the benefactors to the treasure of Earth the day we died from the inside out. Sin like cancer riddled the human race.

Cain argued my punishment is too great I will be killed by everyone I meets. Was it a second death or is it the slander prevalent alongside the sufficiency of faith that quells the evil of our day? The last enemy to be destroyed will be the second death at the Hands Christ. The enmity between life and death swallowed up in the grave. From dust we are and to dust we shall return. The only source of hope is to believe in the Lord Jesus and we shall be saved.

The hammering of nails piercing the hands of Jesus Christ echos the sentiments of a generation of vipers. Disobedient rebellious children whereas to be obedient is a worthy sacrifice in the power of the cross. Jesus the second Adam is the sustainable force behind the entire universe. Distributed faster than the speed of light to them who believes that God is a spirit and the reward for diligently seeking Him. Yesterday’s faith was for yesterday’s journey. Every day becomes a journey in the Word of God who is believed to be Jesus Christ Himself.

We are all sinners here with hearts masoned in a falling race. A constant provocation in the presence of God. Jesus is also provocative to us as the power of God into salvation.

Summarizing the accent of Bethel Jacob’s built an alter of stone to commemorate the house of God. So quiet we can hear a pin drop in the Journey of Abraham Faith. Somebody please make some noise up in here.

God heard the the Hebrew slaves, worshipping in idolatry as it was in the whole world. No! Not again paraphrased. God quickly concluded the tables of stone saying to Moses messiah of his time. Go down quickly, the people persist in idol worship. Moses hurried down from the presence of God on Mt. Zion. Smashed the tablets of stone in disgust of Israel’s impatience, although he had to again chisel a copy with his own hand.

This same Lord who embodied Jesus will return smashing the tablets our stony hearts to repentance. Believe that.

Wolves we are in sheep clothing in comparison to the righteousness of Christ. Reprobates seeking to disallow the works of God. In so doing confirms the works of God. As He said, Father forgive them they don’t know what they do. Clueless to the Faithfulness of Abraham.



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