“Dear One,”

Taking time to see and hear God

Hello, …The believing spouse sanctifies the unbelieving and so the children are clean. The stronger helps the weaker loving as Christ loved us. The One who lived and died to be at one with God. Neither eyes or ears knows what God really means or can imagine what is His plan for us or the privilege of finding out.

The Word came to sanctioned our souls. Then the Spirit came confirming hard things spoken in knowledge of God. Cause to be in God is to be born again. Not of women but of spirit. Stripping away the cold hard facts of a lost souls. Is it surprising the lost is found in agony of the spirit? The mother of Jesus said, as God said, I am with child.

We are with child of the same Spirit. To nurture and to care for the freedom to be true to God and ourselves. It is a lost to be anything other than that what God created in us. First the man and of him the woman. Saved sanctified and at one through Christ. The Father Son and Holy Spirit. The knowledge to be righteous and at one with God.



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