Dispensations Of Times

Hampered by fears whispering ears Devils tremble and saints rejoice for salvation.

The heavens declares the glory of God and the firmament His handy work. The nations are nothing before Him.

The first, second and third heaven emanating the glory from within. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Sending us into all the world with the message of salvation but never a nation to the world. The nations testifies of themselves whose testimony is not true. The testimony of Jesus is a true testimony.

This generation craves for a sign with non given but for the sign of Jonah three days in the belly of hell. Know that the grace of God is merciful by repentance even as Nineveh repented and was spared the judgement of Sodom. What is man that your mind is full of us. Or the Son of Man that you visited him with the message of salvation.

Likewise the influence of artificial intelligent forms of life transforms humans to the realm of fallen angels. Where the Devil is the author of confusion. This genesis begins the obsession to disobedience.

As the Devil beguiled Eve so are we taken from the simplicity that is in Christ. Craving the knowledge of good and evil we exchange the glory of God for the iniquity of Demons. If God speared not the heavenly host for their association to iniquity, will He not reward the born again believers for the judging of Angels. How much more glorious is the end from the beginning in the dispensations of life.

The Lord of the vineyard planted His vines and grafted a more perfect fruit by it. Will the vine testify of itself more perfect than the fruit of its vines? By their fruits we shall know them.

Satan’s dominion began with a lightning flash from heaven in view of Jesus Christ. Traveling faster than the speed of sound, bound within the speed of light. Chasing heaven is a foolish game when the kingdom of heaven is the authoritative name of Jesus Christ. Christ in God and we in Christ. Here is the key that held death over you and Me. But who do you say that I Am. I Am that I Am.

The hospice of technology builds cities in honor of Cain and so the blood of Able cries from the ground the lamentations of saints. How long my God how long will you suffer the blood of the righteous. The sacrifices of evil is your jealousy for the temples of God. How often we forget that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. A stench in the nostrils of God are foolish men. Whose heart declares the glory of the heavens are the realities of natural men. Reaping where they have not planted. This is a provocation that becomes a declaration of war. In the establishment of their own name Babel is remembered. The abomination to establish themselves in the tree of life. Even as they align themselves with the father of lies.

Technologically envious of spiritual and supernatural advantages they distort the works of God. Fears of whispering ears is the difference between the good and the evil’s declarations of war.

The Artificial Intelligent is the genesis of our confusion. Conceived in ignorance of God’s handy work. The gods of this world became the fathers of lies. Can the created thing testify of itself to be greater than its creator?

Hell is enlarged for the nations of men. The Devil knows that his time is short. In the dispensation of time his lot is the dividing line between Heaven and Earth.

Truth seeks that which was lost to the works of God. The word of God of is His identity made flesh in the Sons of God. How excellent is your name in all the Earth.

Bethel is also a vision where Jacob’s dreamed of angels ascending and descending between heaven and earth. We the body of Christ is the vision of that perfect future. More glorious that the songs of Lucifer’s are the songs of Solomon. Man made in the image of God is profitable to the spirit of truth.There we slept in the open air with pillars of stone beneath our heads.

Fears of whispering ears was Esau’s right. There is no searching of God’s understanding that the promise to Abram of Ur is for Abraham. Father of Israel. The resilience of Jacob identity wrestling for the blessings of God. Saying, you will not leave until you have blessed me. Suffered the injuries of the natural man to be the supernatural man of God. Israel became the house of God in the dispensations of gentiles. So by default the Word became flesh and God became the husbandman to every believer. That whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life in the rewards of Jesus Christ as sworn to Abraham. God is not man that He should lie.

This Echoes the age old question. Who do man say that I Am? The answer came to Peter before he became an apostle of Jesus Christ. You are Christ Son of the living God. The continuity of Bethel in Jacob’s dream is in Peter’s dream as the angel declared’ ‘rise Peter, kill and eat’. This dispensation is our time by the revelation of God the Father. We also declare, You are the Christ Son of the living God. Likewise upon this rock the church stands and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

The final answer is a question asked three times of Peter. Do you love me? Came the off handed answer. Lord you know that I do! Well then feed my sheep.


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